Vote for Your Rakim Skate Deck Contest Finalists

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Ding! Ding!! Ding!!! All the entries are in. We have 4 Trubians slugging it out for the Rakim Zoo York skateboard deck. Read their entries below and vote for your favorite now. The winner will be announced on Friday.

Miles Armstrong
Holy Are You, cause I kind of see eye to eye with Rakim’s philosophies as far as, we are our own god. That song always got me pumped up in a prophetic sort of way. Also the beat was unstoppably good, those little piano trills, yum, ear candy. I ended up titling one of my best drawing pieces after this song, that’s the influence it had on me.

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of 1999, the year that marked the end of the most prolific decade in hip hop history, Rakim dropped his underappreciated second solo LP, The Master. The single off that album, “When I B On Tha Mic,” brought the God MC together again with the legendary DJ Premier to create some true hip hop magic. While Rakim doesn’t relate anything profound in his dizzying lyrics, they serve as a forceful reminder to listeners why he perennially sits atop “best rapper” lists. This track is hip hop fun, pure and simple.

My favorite Rakim song was the first one I was truly exposed to, “R.A.K.I.M.”. With a fierce growl and infectious beat, Ra reminds us why he’s truly the best, putting every other rapper to shame by comparison. His inclusion to the soundtrack is a nod to his greatness by the other artists. it’s the rap equivilent to John Mayer playing with Eric Clapton- it’s a chance to introduce those who inspired you to your audience. “R.A.K.I.M.” reminds us that while the general public has forgotten the greatness that is Ra, hip-hop hasn’t.

My favorite Rakim song is “New York (Ya out there?)”. No matter how may times I listen to it, the beat stays great. The song is catchy along the chorus and the verses, 16 bars+ each, all end with the same phonetic tone, musical and lyrical genius!!! Not enough people have the knowledgeable musical ear to appreciate this to the full level. BUT I DO ! Rakim changed the status quo of the rap game, Emcee-ing was taken to another level.



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