The Boondocks: “The Story of Jimmy Rebel” Recap

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The Boondocks
Season 3, Episode 4: The Story of Jimmy Rebel

In which we learn that Uncle Ruckus has a man crush on racist country singer Jimmy Rebel. Inspired by Rebel’s racist songs, Ruckus rediscovers his love for music.

When Jimmy Rebel learns that Ruckus’ shares his deep-seated aversion to negroes, he decides to pay a visit to his biggest fan. On seeing Rebel, Ruckus claims that the real Ruckus is a true redneck while he [Ruckus] is a house slave named Toby. This, of course, is a reference to Roots. On hearing this, Granddad falls over his ass laughing. Ruckus tells Rebel that the real Ruckus can’t see him because he’s suffering from Nigerian Monkey Pox.

After struggling to convince Jimmy Rebel that Granddad is, in fact, the real Uncle Ruckus (you can imagine how difficult this is), Ruckus decides to come clean on the whole Ruckus-Toby act. “It’s a charade wrapped in a facade, covered in a lie!” He tells Jimmy Rebel. Undeterred, Rebel decides to go ahead and record an album with Ruckus. Worst career move ever.

As the episode progresses, these two central characters unravel. Rebel realizes that there’s more to life than hating black folks. Ruckus finds more room in his heart for even more hatred. It culminates in a final performance between Rebel and Ruckus that sees the duo directing its hatred towards Mexicans. Maybe McGruder agrees with that Latinos are the new blacks.

The Boondocks excels when its most important characters, especially the Freemans and Ruckus, get ample face time. The writers turned Ruckus loose in this episode and he rewarded them with a sureshot.

Best Quotes of the Episode:
“See, Uncle Ruckus…he’s very, very sick. He caught the Nigerian Monkey Pox. Very contagious. As if they internet scams and underwear bombing wasn’t bad enough.”
– Uncle Ruckus to Jimmy Rebel

“You know all these years I’ve been singing about niggers, I probably only done had a conversation with 5 of ‘em at the most.” – Jimmy Rebel to Uncle Ruckus

“You know what the liberals and the NAACP never could figure out? It’s not the color of a man’s skin. It’s not the big lips or how y’all say arr-uh instead of “R.” It’s the attitude, stupid. A fella can’t control what color he is, but he can control his attitude. – Jimmy Rebel to Uncle Ruckus

“You remember when I said how we hate the blacks because of their attitude? Man, I think that’s a load of shit. You’re just like one of us, Ruckus, and they still hate you. And it’s not your attitude, it’s ’cause you’re black.” – Jimmy Rebel to Uncle Ruckus



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