Senator Caught Watching “Porn” in Session

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Published on May 05, 2010 with 8 Comments

Florida State Senator Mike Bennett (R) opened an image of four topless chicks on his computer while his colleagues rambled on about abortion on the senate floor. He was later seen watching a YouTube video of a wet dog shaking himself. Bennett admits he was bored and decided to check his email. Lo and behold, some gal had sent him this picture of four girls gone wild. It was probably sent by left-wing nuts to make it seem like Bennett was checking his email during a senate session.

I find it puzzling that someone at Sunshine State News considers this porn by today’s standards. I hate to break it to you, but it’s not porn if they’re clearly wearing bikinis. [Sunshine State News]



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  1. LOL look at him trying to play that off with that youtube video

  2. LOL look at him trying to play that off with that youtube video

  3. fuck the white man!

  4. fuck the white man!

  5. ^lmao.

  6. ^lmao.

  7. LOL!

  8. LOL!

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