10 Best Quotes by Memphis Blac & Smokahontas

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Published on June 25, 2010 with 4 Comments

If there was a sub-genre for hooker rap, Memphis Blac and her niece Smokahontas Jones would be jostling for its throne right now. The duo’s infamous “Got Dat Work” video, which was shot in Miami, is already a hit on YouTube. They recently spoke with the Miami New Times about their work. The interview was so rich in comedy gold that it spawned 50 disturbingly hilarious quotes. If their words seem too real to be real it’s because they are; Memphis Blac was a working girl many moons ago. Consider these sayings the hooker rap equivalent of Biggie’s “10 Crack Commandments.”

10. “Porn is the church fucking the father for a blessing. These bitches fuckin’ on camera all locked up in contracts. A ho choose a pimp, she don’t get no contract.”

9. “All women, all nationalities, they gonna use their pussy to barter off to the highest bidder to get what they want.”

8. “You’d be surprised how many ex-hoes have assimilated into corporate America. Heidi Fleiss is a made woman.”

7. “Bitch, consider me a kin to Mother Theresa. I have took care of families and families off working this pussy. I hustle for these kids or else they end up in in the pen, or dead, or wrapped up in this bullshit.”

6. “It’s not just the pimp, it’s the parents that need to start having conversations with these children bout how to protect they self.”

5. “These bitches just givin’ good pussy away. What the fuck I’m a do with a $1200 dollar bag when I can just get the $1200 dollars?”

4. “Everything a pimp know he get from a ho. The ho is the pimp’s eyes and ears on the street.”

3. “I was 10 toes down. That means that my feet hit the concrete and I gotta get it.”

2. “Y’all hoes need to get your pimp on a life insurance policy. If he die you got nothing but a pair of hoe shoes.”

1. “I have seen everything except a motherfuckin’ UFO.”



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  1. best rhyme ever.killin nikki.
    “ima need 3 g’s to play with these titties”

  2. best rhyme ever.killin nikki.
    “ima need 3 g’s to play with these titties”

  3. lmao

  4. lmao

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