5 Other Identities Rick Ross Could Adopt

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Rick Ross is currently engulfed in a bitter battle with the real Rick Ross. The real Rick Ross is suing the not-so-real Rick Ross for stealing his name and likeness. To help Rawse regain his credibility and continue with his career, I’ve compiled a list of 5 other identities he could adopt convincingly.

Supreme is the Queens drug lord 50 Cent supposedly ratted out on “Ghetto Qu’ran.” He hates 50 with every fiber in his body. Rick Ross hates 50 with every fiber in his body. Combine these two and you have one strong arch-nemesis for 50. Supreme is doing a life bid. He won’t be needing his identity anytime soon. Perfect for Ricky.

Shyne Po
Shyne has been deported to his native country Belize, where his dad is the Prime Minister. There’s no risk of being sued in the United States if Rick Ross decides to steal his identity. Besides, Shyne doesn’t even go by Shyne anymore. He adopted the name Moses Michael Leviy in honor of his Jewish heritage.

Zach Randolph
When Randolph was named in a drug bust affidavit, the word kingpin was being thrown around. Ross won’t even have to dust off his CO skills to investigate Randolph’s past and see if this is a perfect fit. It is.

Frank Lucas
Lucas is the former kingpin who was portrayed by Denzel Washington in American Gangster. He’s frequently name-checked in hip-hop rhymes and rocks a mink coat like the Bawse. Ross can stop rhyming about drug lords and start being one by adopting Lucas’ identity. Besides, he’s been relegated to a wheelchair, so he won’t be engaging Rick Ross in fisticuffs anytime soon.

Suge Knight
I always thought Rick Ross looked like a poor man’s Suge Knight. This is a perfect identity for him to adopt. Besides, Suge is always going in and out of jail. Since he has so many enemies, he won’t mind if Ross decided to impersonate him for a few years.



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