Woman Fired for Being Too Hot

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Published on June 07, 2010 with 3 Comments

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Imagine if you couldn’t find desirable employment because your bosses found you too…desirable. Sounds crazy, right? That’s the plight of Debrahlee “Debbie” Lorenzana, who was fired from Citibank supposedly for being too attractive. Citibank cited Lorenzana’s work performance as the reason for her dismissal, but Lorenzana says her bosses told her they couldn’t concentrate due to her attractive appearance distracting them from their work. After losing her job last summer, she filed a discrimination suit against Citibank.

Lorenzana told Village Voice that she was instructed to stop wearing pencil skirts and fitted business suits. She wasn’t even allowed to wear turtlenecks even though, she claims, her female colleagues were allowed to wear far more revealing clothing than she did. Their response? The other female employees’ “body shapes were different than hers, and she drew too much attention.”

This has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Lorenzana, though. She’s garnered an insane following on Facebook and TV channels are all over her. Don’t be surprised if she ends up on her own Teevee show soon.



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  1. uhhh #10…all them fat execs be losing pounds sweating when she walk past lol

  2. uhhh #10…all them fat execs be losing pounds sweating when she walk past lol

  3. Great article. I guess a really attractive women could destract men from thier work!

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