The Boondocks – “Mr. Medicinal” Recap

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The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 12 – Mr. Medicinal

Howdy, Boondocks fam. Apologies for the “late” review. Sunday night TV watching has become something of a sport round these parts, what with three of my favorite shows airing within three hours of one another. The Boondocks is still comfortably on top of that list, especially after the last few episodes. Let’s get right to business.

Just when you thought Granddad’s worst mistake was taking advice from Riley in Episode 11, he manages to outdo himself in “Mr. Medicinal” (Season 3 Episode 12) by taking advice from rapper-turned-postal service worker Thugnificent.

The plot revolves around Granddad’s stress issues. After a medical checkup, a doctor warns him that he could die any day if he doesn’t learn to manage his stress levels. Granddad has to take a fistfull of pills for his depression. But after learning that a side effect of his medically approved depression pills is total scrotal implosion, he decides that reefer might be a safer alternative. His weed source, Thugnificent, tells Granddad that Obama has legalized weed.

Thugnificent’s supplier (excuse me, weed kingpin) is a dealer named Grant. Grant is no small time dealer either – he runs a store that looks like what I imagine California weed shops look like. When Granddad smokes a brand named “Skywalker” he literally floats.

Eventually, Granddad gets busted playing naked bongo and prancing around in his home naked and high a la Matthew McConaughey. The judge lets him off the hook, seeing as it’s his first criminal offense. Undeterred, Granddad keeps smoking. Eventually he’s arrested for driving 10 MPH on the freeway and making fun of the conveniently named Officer Douche. This time the judge gives him the option of either moving to Cali where medical marijuana is legal or staying smoke-free. Ah, Granddad and reefer. What a perfect way to end a Boondocks episode.

Best Quotes

“First rule of being a smoker is to not keep bumming all the time.”
“Man, we looked up the side effects for Granddad’s pills and none of them makes you a calmer, happier, well-adjusted person.”
“Our Granddad don’t appreciate nothing. You’re an impostor!”
“Man, I just feel bad for the real Granddad. He’s probably tied up in some basement scared.”
“You scarred my baby for life, Robert!”



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  1. “Granddad! Stop snitchin, hehe.”

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