Boondocks: “The Story of Lando Freeman” Recap

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The Boondocks: Season 3, Episode 10
“The Story of Lando Freeman”

With 10 episodes of Boondocks Season 3 out of the way, this current batch is now more than halfway over. This is when most shows start to spiral into what I like to call “mid-season crisis.” The Boondocks seems to have found a formula for the opposite – the show gets better as the season draws to an end.

Following up a remarkable Episode 9 with “Story of Lando Freeman,” McGruder delves into the issue of black family and those corny paternity talk shows. A guy named Lando turns up at the Freeman’s doorstep to do their landscaping just as Uncle Ruckus is picking up a new gig with some good ol’ white folks. How convenient, right? Except Lando’s presence isn’t a random act of coincidence. He’s done some research and realized that Grandad might be his long lost father.

“The Story of Lando Freeman” follows Grandad’s quest to find out if Lando Freeman is truly his son. Sure, he’s able to make the connection (his nickname is Lando’s real name, for instance), but getting to the truth becomes a tricky process. Literally.

This episode had an organic sense of progression that proves rewarding at the end. Nothing seems forced. The dialog drips with humor and insight. The plot unwinds naturally. Season 3 struggled in its early stages when McGruder was trying to keep abreast of current affairs. When he’s focused on pure storytelling, rich dialog and character development the show thrives. That’s the case in “Story of Lando Freeman.” For once, we see an episode that comes very close to matching the quality of Season 1.

Best Quotes:
“I just want to find my pops and tell him, “Thank you for skeeting my life into moms” (Lando)

“You are the sack from which I come.” (Lando)

“You should always wear a condom. I got a condom on right now.” (Granddad)

“Morning wood ain’t nothin’ to be afraid of, man. That’s how you know you’re alive!” (Lando)

“I don’t want to hear that ‘I’m dying of heatstroke’ excuse. You want to cool down, cut your hair off!” (Granddad)



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  1. A bit of a depressing episode, but I liked it.

  2. A bit of a depressing episode, but I liked it.

  3. I really liked this episode. I made sure that I record it, so I can watch it again and again.

  4. Move dem titties!!!!

  5. Move dem titties!!!!

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