Killa Cam Is Back

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Published on July 28, 2010 with 4 Comments

Well, look who’s back to his old Killa Cam self, not that rooty tooty stuff he was doing awhile ago. Vado is basically the poor man’s Juelz Santana, but since Juelz is busy with other things, he’ll do for now.



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  1. Wait. Hold on, Cam'ron. Are you telling me you're perfectly fine with showing a full-on erection through your swim trunks in a rap video? Or, are you tell me that even for sake of a music video, you couldn't act like a professional and keep your dick soft?

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  3. Despite the former, Cam'ron's flow always makes me want to buy a Cutless Supreme ( '75 type); and ride through the hood while smoking a cigar.

  4. Is this suppose to make up for all of those pink chinchilla jackets his ass wore in 2000? Any man that shows a woman giving him head in a video is not only, as Riley Freeman says, GHEY but not even a man. Nothing about this goes hard but his short ass dick. Get a f'in life!

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