Do the Fresh Prince?

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Published on July 27, 2010 with 2 Comments

In light of a recent rash of new dance moves breaking out in every region of the country, a Philly group called YBe is now trying to get us to do something called “the Fresh Prince.” To do this, you need three things: sunglasses, a shirt two sizes smaller, and the ability to writhe around uncontrollably like a convulsing patient. Creativity is optional. I went ahead and filed this under “comic relief” lest I seem like a cantankerous old man (I am in my 20s) by highlighting the various levels of idiocy contained in this video. I should also point you to the original headline accompanying this clip: Da New Dance Dat Will Take Ova This Country! PHILLY STAND UP! Dey Not Fuckin With Our “Fresh Prince”



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  1. Listen, I don't know what's wrong with me (something must be), but I'm sorta feeling this track.

  2. Well Im YBe Jeff Da 1 With Da Nike Hat & Diz Was Da BluePrint Video, Not Da Actual Video. & If Yu Look At Da End Yu See I Really Staat Killin It. Its Obvious Ima Have To Make My Solo Video To Shut This Bad Criticism Up.

    & Btw Everybody In Philly Like It & Is Joining The Fresh Prince Movement. We Have Tons Of Videos With Ppl Doin Da Dance!

    But Thanx For Ya Opinion Doe

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