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Exile - Radio Bonus COVER ART

Exile is releasing Radio AM/FM, a remix version of his instrumental album Radio soon but had such a surplus of dope remixes done by his musical buddies that he’s decided to drop two remix albums. One of them is a free download titled Radio Bonus that you can grab right now in the file format of your choice.

UPDATE: We met up with Exile on the first day of his current tour and had a chat about his upcoming projects. Catch the interview here.

Download the full album for free here.

1. So We Can Move (Teebs Remix) – 02:44
2. It’s Coming Down (DJ Rhettmatic Remix) – 03:36
3. Population Control (Dibia$e Remix) – 02:15
4. We’re All In Power ft. Lessondary Radio (Von Pea, Donwill, and Elucid) – 02:46
5. Frequency Modulation (Marco Polo Remix ft. Torae & Ruste Juxx) – 02:53
6. In Love (Kan Kick Remix) – 03:34
7. GB (Radio Medley) – 02:19
8. Watch Out! False Prophet ft. ADAD & Johaz – 04:04
9. The Machine (DaVinci Remix) – 03:09
10. In Tune Static (Mike Gao Remix) – 01:59
11. So We Can Move (Pollyn Remix) – 03:49
12. Exbox Radio (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) – 01:31
13. OPERAtor Radio (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) – 01:41
14. Forbidden Radio (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) – 01:29
15. I’ve Been Dreaming of You (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) – 02:45



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