I Got 99 Problems and This Cover is One

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Published on July 16, 2010 with 6 Comments

Certain ideas should never be allowed to make it out of the studio. Perfect example: Hugo’s decision to remake of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.” Now I understand that Hugo, fresh off a new record deal with Roc Nation, wants to show his admiration for Jay by revamping one of his hits. But a banjo-aided bluegrass cover of “99 Problems” is more like a spit in the direction of Rick Rubin’s beautiful monster. It’s just downright disrespectful to Jay-Z, Rick Rubin, and the banjo.



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  1. Wrong. Banjo Bluegrass hip-hop is fresh. It's the singing that kills this one. No one in there right mind sings 99 problems.

  2. shoulda just covered the ice -t version of 99 problems. these 2 bars woulda sounded great in bluegrass.

    I got a bitch who's fat, a bitch who's built
    A bitch who all her titties give out powdered milk
    I got a bitch who's funny, a bitch who ain't
    A bitch who can sing, a bitch who cain't

  3. I bet Rick Rubin would love this.

  4. wtf is a Hugo?

  5. I just don’t give a rats butt what others think of this song. I love it. As for the so called man who thinks hes’ such a great rapper and singer I think not. There is alot more talent out there than him. Keep up the good work Hugo.

  6. who is Hugo? is this Hugo Valenti?

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