Ice Cube’s “Drink the Kool-Aid”

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Published on July 27, 2010 with 6 Comments

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Download: Ice Cube – Drink The Kool-Aid

Ice Cube’s big screen maneuvers will have you believe he’s the most conflicted rapper ever. One minute he’s chaperoning toddlers on a fun adventure, the next he’s collecting bodybags on wax. Still, he does the latter with such unbridled authenticity that you can’t help but pay attention, as evinced on his latest track. I need more time with “Drink the Kool-Aid” but it didn’t grab me on the first spin. Some of the lines have raised a few eyebrows, particularly this one: “I ain’t the doctor/This ain’t the patient/This ain’t the nigga always on vacation/This ain’t no white boy’s rehabilitation.” Why in Patti Labelle’s name is Cube going at Doc and Em knowing that he no longer has the time or desire to write disses as epic as “No Vaseline”? That white boy has been itching for a battle anyway.

“Drink the Kool-Aid” appears on Cube’s upcoming album, I Am The West, due September 28. [h/t Hood Nerd]



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  1. I would hope that Em would just let Cube run his mouth. You can't go on about not wanting to diss specific rappers than get into a beef with Ice Cube. One, Cube's past his prime. I don't doubt him being able to put out a dope song from time to time, but he couldn't keep up with Em, who's pretty damn close to his skill level when he first came out. Furthermore, regardless of any issues between Cube and Dre, I think Em would decline to respond out of respect for both of them. Dre need not embarrass himself, 'cause on thin ice with the hip-hop audience at large for still not delivering Detox. And if and when it does come out, there's every likelihood that it won't live up to expectations. Either way, Dre need no say anything either.

  2. Could that really be considered a diss though? I mean even Jay once rapped, “I ain't animated like say a Busta Rhymes.”

    If ppl catch feelings, hip hop truly is freaking sensitive.

  3. A diss is a diss is a diss is a diss.

  4. don't see this as a diss.

  5. that shit wack as hell that sound like something off janky promoters thats not the kool aid cube thats the sugar water

  6. Ice Cube would eat Eminem and spit out Vanilla Ice. All this talk about Cube being past his prime, he started in his teens while Eminem didn’t get big until his mid twenties, think about it there ain’t that big of an age difference. Em was just a late bloomer.
    Cubes got kids. That’s why he makes family movies, if you can’t understand that, then your kids are going to grow up and go right to jail. Just saying.

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