Megyn Kelly Ethers Black Panther Party Leader

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Published on July 10, 2010 with 5 Comments

The New Black Panther Party exists solely with the intention of spreading hatred, so it’s only natural that it gets a serving of its own poison from time to time. I’m not sure anyone informed party leader Malik Shabazz, because he looked like a surprise puppy when Fox News host Megyn Kelly pwned him on national TV yesterday. Do you realize how lame you have to be to make Megyn Kelly look like she’s dragging a pair of brass balls?

Part Deux

Q: Do you agree that white babies should be killed?
A: That is not the position of myself.

I wonder how Mr. Shabazz plans to defend his support of Osama bin Laden. You, sir, make the rest of the black community look very bad. Please stop.



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  1. this dude should not have let fox news feel better about themselves by pointing fingers at him and the nbp. this is a common tactic by the R. and fox news. they are a lot more undercover and underhanded about their beliefs and feelings. next election they should dress up as the founding fathers and speak in generalities

  2. I don't support or condone his racism, anti-Semitism, or bigotry, but I don't see much “ethering” here. She was pretty lax on him.

  3. Are we watching the same video?

  4. Well I feel he “ethered” himself much more so than she did him.

  5. How does his stance represent “the rest of the black community”, whch you say he is making look very bad? When white people speak on television do they represent the entire race? If so you all are in bad shape. Please stop the foolishness!!!! Who is going to be happy about someone rocking the boat, a boat that may shift the racial climate in AMERICA…no one ,especially not a system that villainizes black folks and has them thnking that the movement may have to take the form of something hateful.

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