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Trae Day 2010. This one was special, being the first since Trae got banned from Houston’s only hip-hop radio station 97.9 the Box. To cap off the stormy events that littered Trae’s path to this year’s event, the weather decided to be a dick. Ominous clouds hovered anxiously throughout the event. The man above would later proceed to empty his tear gland on us. Imagine heavy downpour mixed with scorching humidity and you’ll get half of the picture of the Trae Day 2010 weather. Now imagine being trapped in a 12×12 tent with 300 black people while all that is happening. Other than that, it was a fantastic event full of memorable moments, as evinced in this photo essay.

The weather was mean-mugging at us the whole time.

It was a family affair.

Bands of feral kids pounced on the rides and made me a wee bit jealous.

Some younguns danced off for the chance to win $100.

The way the kid on the right was dancing you’d think a date with Miley Cyrus was at stake.

To all my white friends, this is what is known as “the dougie.” Go ahead, look it up.

The gentleman on the left is responsible for Houston’s entire supply of Strapped condoms.

Venom girls were kind enough to offer us some drank.

Unfortunately, it tastes like what I imagine piss would taste like if you mixed it with 17 grams of sugar.

I was dying from heat exhaustion. Sudor poured off my back until @PromoPrincess magically appeared and passed me a Teflon Don towel.

Johnny Dang showed us some love.

I met DJ Brandi Garcia backstage and randomly suggested that she take up yoga. She was cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. Best of luck to you wherever you end up next, Ms. Garcia.

Every year for the last 3 years, I’ve attempted to snap Trae arriving for Trae Day. Every year, someone unfailingly obscures the image by getting in between Trae and my camera. This year’s unintentional photobomber is none other than exiled G-Unit rapper Young Buck

As you can see, Buck Marley was all smiles at the event.

Your favorite Houston rapper’s favorite Chicago native Lupe was in the building

This wonderful woman performed a song titled “Twisting Yo Hips.”

Like I said, the song was about hip rolling techniques and such.

The knuckleheads who robbed Stephen Jackson’s wife at gunpoint must have been privy to his itinerary. That’s all kinds of fucked up.

Keep your head up, Captain Jack.

Trae da Truth gave the people what they came for: a trill ass show.

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