10 Best Quotes from Nas’ Tim Westwood Interview

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Published on July 22, 2010 with 5 Comments

Nas gave a rare radio interview to the legendary Tim Westwood during his trip to London yesterday. He talked mostly about Distant Relatives, his upcoming solo album, and his personal struggles.

As far as his new album, Nas says that Dr. Dre, Alchemist, Primo, Kanye, and RZA are some of the producers that have shown interest in producing it. Nas was just throwing names around as if he knew we’d end up talking about them.

  1. “Kanye hit me up and said ‘I wanna produce your album.'”
  2. “I heard Kanye’s album and it’s crazy. The new album is crazy.”
  3. “I’ve been listening to Drake. I’ve been inspired by Drake.”
  4. “Drake says my whole name, Nasir Jones, so thank you very much.”
  5. “I gotta deliver right now.”
  6. “I just wanted to get a little paper, get a Benz, get out of the game and go to school or something.”
  7. “The game won’t let me go.”
  8. “I still think marriage is a beautiful thing. You gotta be strong to weather the ups and downs.”
  9. “Yo bro, you scary, I’m getting scared!”
  10. “I’m looking at my solo project as one of the most important record of my life.”

In fact, you should go ahead and listen to the whole interview.



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  1. yes kanye please produce his album!

  2. Yawn @ producers. We've been down this road SO MANY TIMES before.

  3. the whole freestyle bit was unsurprising nd kinda embarassing

  4. Nas choking at the end was utterly disheartening.

  5. I second that yawn. He ends up getting beats from Chris Webber anyway.

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