9 Epically Awesome Wu-Tang Tributes

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Published on August 22, 2010 with 3 Comments

Wu-Tang fans ain’t nothin’ ta fuck wit. They love them some Wu and have always expressed their admiration by summoning the creativity that the iconic group truly deserves. From black-and-gold Nike dunks to Dirt McGirt potato chips, here are 9 epically awesome tributes to the W.

9. Gabriest Urist x Wu-Tang Silver Studs

8. Dirt McGirt Potato Chips

7. Wu-Tang Nike Dunks

6. Ben & Jerry’s Ol’ Dirty Custard

5. Killa Bees Wall Art

4. Wu-Tang Pizza

3. Wu-Tang Car

2. Wu-Tang Venn Diagram

1. Wu-Tang Kids Soccer Team



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  1. The instructions for that pizza will always be funny to me.

  2. i cracked up when i saw the soccer team

  3. Love that the lil kid in that team shot got a shirt. She looks pretty bad ass too. ;)

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