Cali Swag District Member is CLEARLY Sick of the Dougie

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Published on August 22, 2010 with 1 Comment

When one of the Cali Swag District boys kept raising his hand during the group’s interview with Music Choice, I figured he either had a question of his own or he wanted to teach the reporter how to do the dougie. Instead, he asked to be excused from the interview. Next thing you know, he’s staggering off camera and throwing up all over the set. I like that Music Choice kept a bucket handy in case someone needs to throw up in the middle of an interview. Makes you wonder how many times it’s happened.

They should’ve known that something wasn’t right with ol’ boy. He’s the only one with stunna shades on, and he looked constipated the whole time. Interestingly enough, it happened right when the alpha male of the group started talking about the dougie dance.

I’ve only thrown up once in my adulthood. I was at a club in Houston and this girl next to me was talking to her friend about some new dance move called “the dougie.” An uncontrollable rush of emesis immediately shook my entire body. Coincidence? Me thinks not.



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  1. lol hiphop at its finest

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