Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie” Tackles Domestic Violence

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Published on August 05, 2010 with 3 Comments

Aside from Missy Elliott and Kanye West, whose “Power” premiered the same night as “Love the Way You Lie,” no other hip-hop artist consistently makes music videos as memorable as Eminem’s. His latest, “Love the Way You Lie,” features Megan Fox, some dude from Lost, and Rihanna’s Kool-Aid-flavored hair.

Inspired by Eminem’s tumultuous relationship with Kim, “Love the Way You Lie” depicts the story of two lovers (played by Fox and Dominic Monaghan) whose passion turns violent as their relationship oscillates between pain and pleasure.

The video’s opening sequence shows Fox and Monaghan cuddling in bed together. It then cuts to a scene of Fox sitting on the living room floor with a flame in the palms of her hands.

We see Eminem for the first time in a field, rapping. I expect Bubba Sparxxx to show up at this point, but alas, no Bubba.

Fox and Monaghan are lying in bed asleep again. Fox wakes up and sees the name “Cindy” written on her boyfriend’s hand and a phone number under it. She flips out. They fight. We don’t know if Cindy is his mom or his cousin, but Fox flat out assumed it’s his side chick. Women

We see a flashback scene which shows how the couple met. They met at a bar. Ol’ boy swipes a bottle of vodka from the liquor store. Oh, that explains why they’re always arguing and fighting. You can’t date someone you met at a bar and not expect to have to fight them over a bottle of vodka at least once.

Eminem is rapping in the fields again. Still no sign of Bubba Sparxxx.

The video cuts back to the troubled couple doing all the things people do in relationships. They fight, fuck, fight, drink, fight, kiss, fight. It’s getting boring at this point. Then we see Monaghan beating the shit out of Fox for some reason. Yes, misogynistic violence. This video is getting exciting.

At the beginning of the third verse, Rihanna’s hair joins Eminem in front of a burning house. The lovers are still fighting. This is how you know it’s a music video. In reality these two would’ve already committed a double suicide. Yes, more violence.

Is it just me or is it strange to hear Rihanna sing “I like the way it hurts” as Megan Fox is being physically abused by her boyfriend?

In the end, everyone goes up in flames. Everyone except Rihanna.



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  1. megan fox can get it

  2. that some guy is Charlie from lost and one of the hobbits lol

  3. I like this music video….ghettophysics.com

    shit looks tight

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