Ice Cube and the Modern Thug Misconception

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Published on August 21, 2010 with 2 Comments

Huge misconception: that rappers are all unaware of the blurry line they walk when their tough talk contradict their peaceful family life in the suburbs. That Ice Cube is 68 years-old and is still rapping about bangin’ doesn’t necessarily mean he’s chronicling his current lifestyle. More importantly, people who buy Cube’s albums are not oblivious to the contradiction between his rhymes and his ways. They know he’s not out in the hood shooting everyone who steps on his Chuck Taylors or whatever the fuck brothers kill for these days. No, they support him because his sound is authentic. Tupac wore a nose ring, yet no one ever questioned his gangsta.

Unfortunately, the women of the Today Show saw an opportunity to pull Cube’s gangsta card and jumped on it. Cube handled the situation poorly. He could have definitely offered a better argument than “John Gotty had a family.” Kathy Lee could barely hide her disgust. They quickly changed the topic and asked to Cube to plug his album, which is usually a wrap-up signal.

Ice Cube: “John Gotty had a family, why can’t I?…I gotta think about my family, it helps me put everything in perspective.”

Kathy Lee: “Hmmm…So when is your next CD coming out?”
Translation: “You’re obviously full of shit. Plug your album and get your ignorant ass off my show.”



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  1. Most notable thing about this post was that when you said Ice Cube was 68 I nearly spit my drink out. Then I had too look it up and calm myself that you were just exaggerating and he’s not really that old.

    It is actually an interesting topic though. I’ve always wanted to see a whole bunch of rappers get together and discuss how real life differs from their public personas. Not that that would ever happen…

    I do have to say Kathy Lee looked disgusted that Ice Cube exists, period.

  2. When he was 19 and rapping about bangin’ he wasn’t doing it either. Cube was in architecture school or something before joining NWA full time, if I’m not mistaken.

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