Is Bun B’s ‘Trill OG’ Worthy of 5 Mics?

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Published on August 04, 2010 with 20 Comments

The Source has just awarded its first 5-mic honor in 5 years to Bun B’s Trill OG. For the sake of perspective, the last 5-mic album was Lil Kim’s Naked Truth. Is Trill OG deserving of 5-mic status? Speak on it.

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  1. 1 star all the way.

  2. That album is nuts but 4 stars is more accurate. It ain't touching Big Boi's album but it's DAMN close.

  3. Might be partially motivated by Bun's status, a career appreciation thing, like Scorcese's Oscar for The Departed. A “You know he should've had one somewhere in his career but somehow that didn't happen so we'll award him for his latest” kinda thing.

    That being said, this is not meant as a detriment to Bun or his album in the slightest, dude seems incapable of delivering a wack verse, he's one of the most consistent mc's in the game.

  4. Another very solid album from Bun, but anything over a 4 seems like a pretty big reach.

  5. umm first off the departed was amazing and scorsese deserved everything he got and more for that movie. now to bun b. bun is good but five mics? the album was just all right in my opinion. the source has officially lost all credibility with me. they suck.


  7. u should already kno, if kim got 5, somethings up

  8. Good album, but better than How I Got Over and Lucious Left Foot? For that matter, every single hip hop album released since Scarface's The Fix? (Except Naked Truth, apparently). What a fucking joke… The Source is dead

  9. this whole thing seems like one big marketing scheme to me. first dude puts Pimp C and Pac on his album (to gain publicity) then you got the Source, a magazine that hasn't been relevant in almost a decade, making this big announcement about granting 5 mics for the first time in forever (like we even noticed) and of course they don't pick one of the obvious choices like the Roots or Big Boi, because that wouldn't be as big of a story, naw giving it to Bun B is “please pay attention to us again” move all day. oh and it ain't a 5 mic album, it's like 3.5 or 4

  10. its funny sometimes one thinks noone ever visits this site bt when a debatable issue pops up, commenters come out of the woodwork lol

  11. Trust me, this site gets tons of traffic. The reason no one comments is because everyone agrees with everything I say. I'm awesome like that.

  12. This album nowhere near as good as Trill( 5 Stars) And 2 Trill (4 Stars). My rating for this album is 2 stars compared to his previous two

  13. First of all…I hope none of you that left obsured comments about the one and only Bun B. is from the south.Do you have any idea who you're dissing?!There would be no candy slabs…no recognition of I-10…no sizzurp…no UGK!!!Bun's 5 mic rating is way over due,and so what if he got it on the wrong album…it's well deserved.How many artist do you know that have been out since the early,early 90's and can still spit with consistent animalism???Go 'head…I'll wait…NOBODY!!!This is Bun B. No disrespect to BigBoi because I am an A.T.Lien,but maybe they should've both got 5 mics,but don't downplay one half of THE UNDERGROUND KINGZ(rest in peace Chad Butler a.k.a. Pimp C.).On more thing…who's the asshole that said the Source was dead?!?!As long as there is a 5 mic standard the Source will never die.Sure the interviews are all cliche' now and the magazine is thinner than a daily newspaper,but the 5 mic rating passage into the hearts of all real hip hop heads.I don't know…maybe some of you are too young or young minded to still appreciate what it means.You know…the auto-tune,Lil' Wayne,Drake,do the new age dougie(because that is not the dougie),internet thuggin',youtube,facebook,twitter following ass fans.Put somehair on ya chest,get some puss and let ya nuts drop…and stop wearing hem damn MalcomX glasses!!!You ain't smart!!!DAMN!!!

  14. Man I'm not dissing Bun B at all. Undoubtedly one of the greatest of all time, but its not about him, its about this album. Underground Kingz, IMO, was worthy of 5 mics. So were Super Tight and Ridin' Dirty.
    They're not supposed to be rating his whole career, they're just giving 5 mics to this album. Can you honestly say this album is worthy of that? When Underground Kingz didn't get it? This album wasn't Bun's best lyrically and a lot of the production was generic and bland. Let 'Em Know was the best track on this album, and for the album to be worthy of 5 mics EVERY track on the album would have to be that good. Unfortunately this album has that awful 'Countin' Money' track, so it doesn't stand a chance.


  16. 'The Departed' wasn't bad but it's not his best work, the original 'Infernal Affairs' films are superior to Scorcese's remake in my opinion. It's like the academy looked back in their archives and collectively scratched their heads asking themselves how this guy couldn't have gotten an Oscar yet somewhere in his career. Which he certainly would've deserved, just not for the movie they actually gave it to to 'rectify' the situation.

    Which seems similar to what happened at The Source regarding Bun's album.

  17. 4 mics, and dats as much as he can get

  18. Trill OG should be 5 mics, ppl can say it wasnt as good as his older albums but 4 ppl 2 say even compare a 5 mic album 2other albums sayz it all! so haters get ur hating on cuz ur 2 cents dnt make sense!!!!

  19. this is not meant as a detriment to Bun or his album in the slightest.

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