Michael Jordan and Jay-Z at Secret Illuminati Meeting

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Published on August 14, 2010 with 11 Comments

Jay-Z and Michael Jordan were all smiles at their secret Illuminati meeting the other night. Jordan and Jay-Z took the chance to show off their secret Illuminati handshake in front of the camera.

Look closely at MJ’s ring finger in the first picture.

Now back to Jay. The ring is now on Jay’s finger. Damn, that’s some Illuminati shit.

Illuminati prospects Chris Paul, Fabolous, and Rick Ross were also in the building.

Also, If you pay attention to album liner notes, every rap album ends with the letters “JZ.” It’s usually in fine print, so you probably missed it every time.



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  1. Look at your man, now back to me…I’m on a horse…in the Illuminati

  2. See, you playin. Watch some fools use your joke as real evidence in their next youtube clip.

    The ring shit cracked me up. lol!

  3. On a serious note, I like that Jay looks humble in these pics. He’s clearly lookin at MJ with respect and reverence.

  4. its real deal mc neal

  5. LOL @ Nahshon, yo is that a real line from a song? If not I’ll have to borrow that..lol

  6. LOL @ Nahshon, yo is that a real line from a song? If not I’ll have to borrow that..lol

  7. this looks like a shopped photo… *smh* fake?

  8. particularly in the last photo… specially since Jay is suppose to be taller than Chris Paul… Im almost convinced 100%…

    • He is taller look at the 1st pic with Chris Paul in the background…

  9. Michael ain’t no damn Illuminati that’s stupid to even think that. Bunch of retarded people only believe this lol

  10. What the hell does Charles Oakley have to do with Illuminati

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