Rihanna’s Neck Tattoo Has a Typo

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Published on August 13, 2010 with 2 Comments

Rihanna and Crooked I must be seeing the same tattoo artist. Remember when Crooked misspelled “slaughterhouse” in his tat? Well, Rihanna revealed her new neck tat and it reads, “Rebelle Fleur.” What’s wrong with that?

Says Popeater: “(Her) newest ink reads “rebelle fleur,” but someone forgot that in French, adjectives typically follow the nouns they modify. To translate as “rebel flower,” which we assume is what she intended, that tattoo should read ‘fleur rebelle.'”

Technically, it’s not even a typo. It’s a blatant grammatical error. Couldn’t she have asked one person who actually speaks French?



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  1. Exactly its ‘une fleur rebelle’

  2. My French is pretty much limited to “Je ne sais pas”, which was what I tended to spout during speaking exams. So I wouldn’t have spotted this. But you can bet a lot of French speakers did and seeing as I’ve yet to see a native speaker back her up, Rihanna’s claim that the tattoo’s correct really doesn’t hold water.

    As I understand it, she’s asummed that with French you can use a noun as an adjective, the way you can with English. And according to native speakers, you can’t. And no offence meant to Rihanna but I’m inclined to believe the native speakers.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticising her for the phrase being wrong, I wouldn’t even criticise her if she just preferred the way the incorrect version sounded. A tattoo is a personal thing, even if it’s visible, and anyone else’s opinion of it doesn’t matter. But she really should have checked with a professional translation agency before claiming that it was correct. And if she’d done that in the first place, it would have been correct, so no reason for criticism.

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