Russell Simmons Continues to Hate America

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Published on August 26, 2010 with 4 Comments

Prominent Yankee fan Russell Simmons has publicly declared his support for Islamic fundamentalists who want to kill you and your family. Simmons displayed a ginormous banner with mysterious terrorist symbols in the windows of his New York apartment. This is obviously a message of coexistence and an indication that Russell Simmons hates America. Clearly, he’s forgotten what it means to be American. Thank God we have Glenn Beck to lead America’s heart in the right direction.




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  1. How funny would it be if someone (read: Fox News) called him an “infidel.” Ah, the irony… *holds breath*

  2. I’m actually watching Fox News right now for my daily dose of bias. The suspense is killing me.

  3. That was one of the must ridiculous paragraphs ive ever read. Do some research before you make yourself look like an ass. Being part of Islam is like being a christian, they are not all Catholics. And what does it mean to be an American? Riddle me that?

  4. Yo Riz was being sarcastic man.

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