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Hey you, stop wasting that 40. The Boondocks will be back for a 4th season. You can quote me on that. In the meantime, feel free to indulge your Boondocks addiction with this comprehensive overview of Season 3. Follow the links to watch each episode and read my take on the series.

Episode 1: It’s A Black President, Huey Freeman
“It’s a Black President, Huey Freeman” chronicles the Obamamania that followed the 2008 presidential elections, as well as Huey’s dilemma as a suspect of domestic terrorism.

Episode 2: “From Bitches to Rags”
Episode 2, “Bitches to Rags”, carries on the Boondocks tradition of lampooning deplorable practices in hip-hop culture, everything from the “monkey see, monkey do” Auto-Tune craze to the silliest beef in hip-hop history.

Episode 3: “The Red Ball”
Woodcrest residents are forced to play an epic game of kickball, replete with energy blasts and all. A game of kickball suddenly turns into an episode of Dragon Ball Z meets Street Fighter.

Episode 4: “The Story of Jimmy Rebel”
In which we learn that Uncle Ruckus has a man-crush on racist country singer Jimmy Rebel. Inspired by Rebel’s racist songs, Ruckus rediscovers his love for music.

Episode 5: “Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy”
In this episode we see this crew of three mini-Stinkmeaners: a dude old enough to be grandad’s grandad, his weed carrier, and a female rendition of Tony Yayo. Each is equipped with mean skills that make ass-kicking a breeze. Their main mission is to “fuck shit up” for no particular reason.

Episode 6: “Smokin’ with Cigarettes”
When Riley befriends obscenely obese juvenile delinquent Lamilton Taeshawn, he’s having the best time of his life as they go around wrecking havoc around the city. Things spiral out of control when Riley realizes that Lamilton wants to do more than just cause trouble.

Episode 7: “The Fun-Raiser” Recap
“The Fun-Raiser” sees Riley living out his fantasy of becoming the kingpin of the school candy business. Along with Cindy McPhearson, Riley floods the street with his special brand of candy.

Episode 8: “Pause”
The Boondocks is an equal opportunity critic. Season 3, Episode 8 (“Pause”) takes on Tyler Perry and his coon films.

Episode 9: “A Date with the Booty Warrior”
Tom volunteers to chaperon some troubled kids on a prison tour as part of a scared straight program. As you might expect, this turns out to be a very bad idea. Things get a little heated on the tour, and Tom sees his worst nightmare manifest itself.

Episode 10: “The Story of Lando Freeman”
“The Story of Lando Freeman” follows Grandad’s quest to find out if Lando Freeman is truly his son. Sure, he’s able to make the connection (his nickname is Lando’s real name, for instance), but getting to the truth becomes a tricky process.

Episode 11: “Lovely Ebony Brown”
Granddad gets a crack at romance and manages to get in the way of his own happiness. This episode keeps the humor light and the message heavy. You’ve been warned.

Episode 12: “Mr. Medicinal”
Just when you thought Granddad’s worst mistake was taking advice from Riley in Episode 11, he manages to outdo himself in “Mr. Medicinal” (Season 3 Episode 12) by taking advice from rapper-turned-postal service worker Thugnificent.

Episode 13: “Fried Chicken Flu”
All the running themes of Season 3 distilled into one episode, wrapped up in an outrageous plot and delivered on a greasy platter. “The Fried Chicken Flu was good.” Bone-suckin’ good.

Episode 14: “The Color Ruckus”
We get a healthy dose of Ruckus’ background in “The Color Ruckus.” But if you were gearing yourself up for an episode where Uncle Ruckus finally sees the light and stops hating his own kind, please back up in your seat.

Episode 15: “It’s Goin’ Down”
For the season finale, Aaron McGruder decided to go out with a bang. Literally. Woodcrest is the target of a terrorist attack. The prime suspect, Huey Freeman, learns that the feds are coming to apprehend him. He takes Ruckus hostage and flees in a school bus.



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  1. what happen to this being the last season?

  2. I guess I was wrong.

  3. “i came here looking for man butt”. so disturbing lol

  4. The “Lovely Ebony Brown” episode was my favorite. It was a throwback to season 1 and had the charm of the early comic strip before Huey just talked about Bush and Cosby.

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