The Smokey Robotic LP

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Published on August 04, 2010 with 1 Comment

Almost 40 years ago, in a no name bar somewhere in Mississippi where two roads meet, with a storm blowing in from the Gulf, something happened. The story goes that a woman walked in who was so shockingly beautiful, and somehow dangerous, that the bartender stuttered when he poured her a shot. The rednecks parted in silence as she made her way to the old Wurlitzer jukebox that had been dark and silent for years. She put in a coin, they say, and at the same moment there was a flash of lightning that seemed to come through the door.

The jukebox lit up and Al Green’s “Simply Beautiful” came pouring out. She didn’t seem surprised, not even when a two foot robot blew right out of the jukebox’s flashing lights and stood beside her. She took its hand, and they left. No one followed them. When Al Green was done, the jukebox went dead and silent again. That was it. For almost forty years. Like it never happened. Like they fell off the earth. Until now…When asked where he came from, Smokey only smiles and points up.

Journalists often ask him to describe his music, to compare it to other artists. Smokey always giggles and says whatever amuses him on that day. He has compared himself to everyone from Sam Cooke to Lady Gaga. Smokey Robotic: “I’ve been making music since God’s dog was a puppy.”

  1. Smokey Robotic
  2. Forever My Love
  3. Superfuturisticmusicmakingpeoplehappy
  4. So Slow
  5. Mrs. Cynthiasizer
  6. Earthquake
  7. So Lonely
  8. Making Planets
  9. Boss Of Me
  10. Cold Blooded
  11. 4 In The Morning
  12. Astronaut Queen

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  1. why are you spamming on other peoples songs/??? not very professional Chrysti. makes your boy evil ebenezer look like he hired the wrong person. you contact the site administrator or someone like that. not just post up after peoples songs. i can put money on it that you didnt generate one single hit for your boy this way. tsk tsk.

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