Where Do You Stand on N-Word Debate?

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Published on August 23, 2010 with 9 Comments

Why, yes, it’s your annual N-word convention. For the uninitiated, every now and then, some middle-aged celebrity goes on a racist rant, which usually includes the N-bomb. Then, some news channel summons two black people, one on each side of the N-word debate. They are then forced to yell at each other for exactly 30 seconds. This is usually followed by Anderson Cooper saying “Well, that’s all the time we have for this segment” and “We’ll be right back after this commercial break.”

The latest idiot to stir up a public debate over the N-word is Dr. Laura Schlessinger. A listener called to seek ol’ girl’s advice on race and she seized the opportunity to share her misguided views with the world.

Dr. Laura apologized specifically for using the N-word more than one time. Obviously, the main issue here is that she exceeded her N-word quota. She used the N-word 11 times. If she had only used it once or twice, I’m sure we would have reacted differently. Schlessinger was truly shocked by the public outrage. This is absolutely understandable. She grew up in the 1950s, when black folk still sat in the back of the bus and drank from a separate fountain. How the hell was she supposed to know that “nigger” is an offensive word? She says that shit to her cats all the time and her cats have never complained to anyone.

As ignorant as her views may be, I tip my hat to Dr. Schlessinger for voicing her true feelings. It’s fashionable for people to hide behind the veil of political correctedness these days. This makes it harder to separate the sane from the ignoramus. People say one thing in public and another in the privacy of their home. Schlessinger spoke her mind and deserves respect for that.

Clearly, this woman has some troubling views on race. For starters, she finds it hilarious that people are still complaining about racism even though we have a half-black man as president. In other words, shut up and enjoy your black presidency, black people. Supernegro Obama has automagically solved all of America’s race issues. From here on out, it’s streets of gold and unicorns for all black people.

Worse still, Dr. Schlessinger immediately embarked on a media tour to defend an indefensible action. After the incident, she went to Larry King Live and announced her retirement from radio and offered this explanation:

“The reason is, I want to regain my First Amendment rights. I want to be able to say what’s on my mind and in my heart and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry, some special interest group deciding this is the time to silence a voice of dissent and attack affiliates, attack sponsors. I’m sort of done with that.”

Poor Laura. No one understands her struggle. Good thing she has Sarah Palin on her side.

Frankly, I’ve never actually heard a legitimate argument on why we as blacks should have a monopoly on the N-bomb. So, I pose these questions to you good, non-racist people of TRU Nation.

1) To those in favor of the N-word: Why should black people have a monopoly on the word?

2) To those against it: Why should black people be the only race without a derogatory word?

Where Do You Stand on the N-Word Debate?

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  1. i never use it personally, and i’m black. Lately i stopped using it in my rapping too. It is a term of endearment true but then id like it if only blacks said it. But that’s impossible these days. when white kids say it to themselves and i’m within earshot, it gets mad uncomfortable for them AND me. Basically, i choose not to use it and it’ll only fade away when pple stop using it, u can’t ban a word. But no matter what, i don’t want any white friends or strangers saying it near me, that stuff will piss me off, screw double standards.

  2. if blacks say it, whites should be able to but i don’t want that happening…

  3. Anyone can say “kike” – but only in the right context. Context is the key. Same with any other derogatory/race-charged word(s).

    By the way, fuck Dr. Laura.

  4. Words are only as hurtful/powerful as the meaning and context behind them. Schlessinger’s meaning is “Fuck black people”. So fuck her.

    And SMH at Sarah Palin talking about the 1st amendment and the constitution whilst she’s simultaneously seeking to prevent the construction of an Islamic cultural centre.

  5. Dr Laura is a ruh-tard (if you missed that watch Hangover).


  6. I believe words have and contain power as classicaly evidenced by this debacle. The N-word no matter how many times its said amongst black folk or any other folk for that matter will not reduce the venom, memories or pain associated with that word. I don’t believe if you over-speak the word or over-use it it’ll somehow magically remove its “power.” You cannot ban the use of a word (for such a ban will not be effective) however the less ppl use a word, the more obscure and someday unthinkable it might be to use such a word.

    I will confess though as chagrined as I get about the word, I will give a fellow black person a pass than a white person or person of other race for that matter. It is hypocritical and double standard and I personally ought to address this…

  7. As a whiteboy raised by two black parents, can I get in on the monopoly?

  8. it’s like what chris rock said….we as white people got every other privilege in the world, so what’s the big deal if we can’t say a word? it’s incredibly offensive and carries a lot of weight and saying it sends chills up many (obviously not all, but MANY) peoples’ spines. it’s a matter of respect, shit we’ve spent centuries trying to keep racial oppression alive and well in this country, and acting like we should be able to use the word too is just more proof of that.

  9. For me it was the hard -ger sound she used. You’ll almost never hear a black person pronounce it that way. It’s always pronounced with a -ga. That being said, I think it speaks to her ignorance because the difference between the pronunciations has created two different words. The -ga ending as a term of endearment and -ger ending as racially charged and demeaning. She didn’t know/understand the difference, and this is one of those cases where ignorance is not an exception. She’s an idiot and Palin’s an idiot for defending her.

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