This Proves Glenn Beck is the New MLK [Infographic]

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Published on August 30, 2010 with 4 Comments

I just came back from the Lincoln Memorial where I partied happily with about 200 million of Glenn Beck’s fat, ugly, illiterate friends. Now that Beck has successfully reclaimed America from Muslim presidents and established himself as MLK 2.0, people are asking silly questions, such as “How are Glenn Beck and Dr. King similar?” My response: “How are they not similar?” From their strikingly similar nose bridges down to their core principles, Glenn Beck and Martin Luther King Jr. are two peas in a pod. To put an end to this ridiculous debate, I’ve decided to go ahead and show you this graphic illustration which proves beyond doubt that Glenn Beck and Dr. King were indeed separated at birth. Click to embiggen.

See? Beck has so much in common with Dr. King.



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  1. You gotta admit 26 was funny.

  2. it’s also real.

  3. Wow..its uncanny how similar these two personalities are lol

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