50 Cent Totally Hearts Black Women

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Published on September 21, 2010 with 2 Comments

50 Cent really did it this time. He finally got the attention he’s been seeking since taking over tweeting duties on his Twitter page. In fact, he got more than he bargained for. PETA’s on his ass. GLAAD wants him to retract a tweet in which he joked about sending his “homie to shoot up a gay wedding.” The only people that seem to have given Fif a pass are black women, the same group he constantly attacks on Twitter.

Further proof of the tragic truth that African-American women have been conditioned to accept abuse from their own kind. In one year, we’ve seen rappers like Slim Thug and 50 Cent publicly disparage black women while these same women turn a blind eye. Chris Rock was right when he said that women always find a way to defend indefensible misogyny.

Back to 50’s timeline. The tweet that really had everyone’s panties in a bunch was when Curtis Jackson suggested that dudes get their baby mamas killed to save money.

Okay. Look, you probably won’t hear any stories about some douchebag murdering his girl because 50 said it’s a cost-effective plan. If some coward was going to lay hands on his girl, he doesn’t need 50’s tweets to do spur him to action. But the power of suggestion is still there. The idea of one of the wealthiest African-Americans and a hip-hop megastar suggesting that the solution to child support issues is to murder the woman you slept with and conceived a child with is mind-boggling, even as a joke.

What’s even more surprising is that 50’s tweets run parallel to his public persona. In interviews, he presents himself as a level-headed, reasonable, business savvy person. He even insists on using his government handle in his films. His Twitter page, however, is an entirely different animal. This 50 Cent is a loose cannon of anger and ignorance. His G-Unit allies Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks told me on two separate occasions that 50 doesn’t drink or smoke. So, we know for sure that those are not drunk tweets.

In the context of how hip-hop culture perceives the fairer sex, and in comparison to rap songs that disparage women, 50’s tweets seem fairly innocuous. And, yes, I know some will only see these toxic tweets as comedic commentary. But I don’t see the humor in 50’s tweet when three women are being murdered every day by their husbands or boyfriends?

50’s response to the backlash has been utterly defensive. He ironically points out via twitpic that bad parenting, not ignorant tweets, is a bigger concern. That may be true but it still doesn’t justify his remarks. The raping and killing of women is no laughing matter, Curtis.

He also has this habit of reminding us over and over that his Twitter page is adult entertainment. “If u aint 18 quit following me. This adult entertainment!” 50 tells us. Right. Good thing physical abuse is socially acceptable at 18.

So, what’s the moral of the story? 50 Cent loves black women. He just doesn’t know how to express it. You see, 50’s reverence for dark-skinned women is so strong that it sometimes comes across as contempt.



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  1. No he doesn’t love black women. He hates women… unless they are white.

    I truly believe he is homosexual and he just doesn’t know to express himself within the confines of his rap persona. Kanye on the other hand…

  2. Completely true, but I find the ‘shooting up a gay wedding’ joke (and I use that word lightly) equally disturbing. Violence against women and gay people, very comedic Fif. Dude is turning into the rap Glenn Beck.

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