Chris Brown Has the Best Fans in the World

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Published on September 07, 2010 with 3 Comments

You probably think that Chris Brown is an abusive guy because of the Rihanna incident, but you should know that you can’t believe everything you hear. It’s all media lies designed to keep teenage girls away from C-Breezy. At least, groupies no longer flock to him like flies to shit. Wait…they are? Well, it’s not like Breezy would ever throw them in the trunk of his car and take them home. What? He did? No way, that picture was probably photoshopped. You can’t believe everything you see these days, not even this.

Bottom Line: Breezy has the greatest fans of all time. Of all time. *Kanye shrug* I can only hope to one day have fans that’ll stand by me like this if I ever get into some major shenanigans. I should probably learn some dance moves first.

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  1. ….you’re making it really hard to justify liking Chris Bowtie Brown…and the cheesy Nixon pic at the end doesn’t help LOL

    • Don’t you mean Chris Bowtie Brown is making it really hard to justify liking Chris Bowtie Brown?

  2. Can’t believe everything you read either… no one know’s what was behind this picture… seem like there were a lot of them taken. So a young 21 year old man can’t have fun and because a blog( not you) chose to show these pictures on yesterday and decided to write a caption for them, not really knowing what’s going on… is enough to say that he’s making it hard to like him? I like him because he didn’t give up after the incident… if I can still support Jay-Z who stab a man at the age of 30 and was given 3 years probabtion in 2001, paid the victim off with $500,000 – $1 million so he wouldn’t get that felony conviction… why can’t I like Breezy or don’t it count stabbing Mr.Riveria… I mean isn’t a five inch knife consider physical abuse or like I said does it just count for women?????????

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