Gangsta Nap?

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Published on September 25, 2010 with 9 Comments

Look at this picture and tell me what comes to mind. I know that 99.99% of this site’s readers are smart people, so I doubt “gangsta nap” is what you’re thinking right now. However, this image has been making the rounds under that exact title. Gangsta nap? Really? Look, we’ve been over this many times but it needs reiteration. Just because a black dude is rocking jeans and t-shirt with a hat to match doesn’t mean he’s a thug or a gangsta.

I also fail to grasp the homophobic backlash that has accompanied this image. You don’t even know for sure that they’re butt buddies. These guys could be brothers on the way to their mother’s funeral for all we know. Just because that one guy’s hat says “Atlanta” doesn’t mean they’re incestuous brothers. Besides, who gives a shit if they’re gay? It’s an adorable picture.



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  1. Word to this whole post.

  2. Bless.

  3. ..yeah, they’re gay..that’s what our train is littered with..blogworthy craziness..not to say that this is crazy..but Atlanta’s public transportation (the Marta) on anyday you can see this..and the next seat a sleeping homeless guy with pee cups..and next to him you’d probably see Soulja Girl (google for reference)

  4. got that thuggin’ luv…

    • Boondocks reference FTW.

    • im not new to this, i true to this

  5. Classic

  6. You know what? It is an adorable picture. LOL I haven’t seen a snuggle picture quite so cute in a while. Good post.

  7. shit look gay to me

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