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I actually like this song. While most people will undoubtedly get stuck on the shock factor of the chorus, I’m enamored by its brutal honesty. Kicking off with sparse piano notes, Kanye draws you into the song and then bares his soul and his relationship flaws, which everyone has. Add Pusha T’s description of how a “relationship” with him will go, subsequently bringing the grit that the song needed, and ‘Ye definitely has another hit on his hands.
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Leave it to ‘Ye to craft a cut that is simultaneously selfless and selfish.

Carrying on the 808’s and Heartbreak theme of confessional introspection, the “Christian in Christian Dior” seems to bemoan and own his childish tendencies. He cops to sabotaging relationships, fleeing authentic intimacy, and letting his ego interrupt true happiness. Is the outlandish hook Kanye looking for affirmation once again or offering tongue-in-cheek commentary on his personal shortcomings?

Musically, a stripped down beat nicely mirrors the soul bearing intent of the lyrics. Ye’s off kilter singing also adds to that feel but is awfully hard on the ears. And who doesn’t believe that the chorus was penned with the hope that Taylor Swift would sing it? As a Facebook friend noted after Sunday’s VMA performance, it’s crazy catchy, but not necessarily something you’d want to hear your 7 year old belting out around the house.
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  1. everything that Kanye has released these past few months is gold in someone elses catalog… .. these are throw aways.. almost… lol.. dude is a trendsetter.. and the rhymes are potent.

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