How Hip-Hop Ruined Polo

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Published on October 21, 2010 with 2 Comments

The folks over at Satorially Inclined, one of my favorite fashion blogs, recently did an article on Dipset’s relationship with Ralph Lauren’s notorious clothing line. To sum it up, you can blame The Diplomats for turning a quality brand into a played out trend.

“I’ll let him spell it out for you, “If it ain’t the Gucci or the Louie then it’s Polo or it’s Rugby.”   Things came to a head this weekend when Dipset affiliated rapper Vado (who has also rapped this gem: “I love Rugby to death. Made that my baby’s name.”) released his new single “Polo” from the upcoming album Slime Flu.  Yes, this is a major hip-hop radio single dedicated to all things Ralph.  Despite rap’s unyielding connection with extremely high-end goods, Dipset seem drawn to the everyman luxury of Polo.” – L.A.S

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  1. IMO Young Dro’ was doing the all-out “Polo” steeze in rap before Vado and Dipset resurged to the scene…

  2. Rapper were wearing Polo since the 80’s.  RL is timeless and no rapper is gonna ever kill a quality brand.  Is Louis and Gucci ruined too??  I think not.

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