Rapper Justin Bieber Spits Hot Bars

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Published on October 14, 2010 with 8 Comments

With all the hype surrounding the All-City Chess Club supergroup, I was expecting something fantasticly mind-blowing from them. I was certainly dissapointed, but to my surprise Shawty Mane, better known as Justin Bieber, came through in the clutch and released a new hip-hop song through his Twitter entitled ‘Speaking In Tongues’. Now we’ve seen him freestyle on Tim Westwood radio before, and ocassionaly fill in for Ludacris on his song ‘Baby’, but never quite like this.

“Matter fact, I’m killin this track, you’re a slacker,
Sacked like a sacker, hello Mr. Brady,
tell him leave his hair to the guy who sings Baby”

Lyrically, he’s no Nas, but his humor and presence on the microphone put him in the miniscule group of people who can bring excitement when rapping. Now if we could just get some of these backpack & weed rappers to show a little emotion…


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  1. Haha i cant hate. That brady/baby hair line was dope.

  2. i hate that stupid kid he is just stupid, somebody please kick his ass. that ego is too high!!!

  3. justin bieber fu… you

  4. this was trash. and definitely not even a freestyle. this dude is a bitch.

  5. Dude is a bitch and I hate him more than ever now. Like most, I wanted him to fail on that rap, so I could just laugh at him and he could go back to singing his mickey mouse ballads of lost play-date love. But the kid actually had pretty good delivery. So his handlers will likely make sure that we see him grow up into being a nicely packaged (pop with a slight edge) rap star over the next few years- which will mean having to see more of that douche in the years to come.

  6. He’s having fun, that’s all that matters. Think he cares what any hater on a blog cares? He’s what, sixteen? And already seeing more success than most people ever will? good for him, that’s awesome. As for the jab at All City Chess Club, Rizoh…It was way better than any of ‘Ye’s so called “GOOD” music. Asher and Lu killed it

    • Don’t blame Rizoh, I wrote this.

  7. dude jacked it from toney lanez in beamer benz or bently


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