Cutting Talib Kweli’s Sound During “Get By” Will Get You the Middle Finger

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Published on October 16, 2010 with 7 Comments

Talib Kweli was performing his smash “Get By” at The Roundhouse in Camden when some bloke decided it was a good idea to cut his sound. An angry Kweli cussed out the venue and swore to never perform there again. This was a terrible move by Roundhouse and I’ll tell you why. Kweli is an MC who specializes in headphone music. As such, few of his songs translate well live. “Get By” is one of those songs. So, you don’t fucking cut him off when he’s fucking doing “Get By.” Simple as that.



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  1. Ummm…. I’m confused. I can distinctly hear Kweli saying “turn it off” at the 2:28 mark. WTF?

    • If the powers gone hows the mike still on??

  2. Yeah same here, there’s no mistaking it, Kweli said “Turn it off”. the hell?

  3. my good pple the audio was turned off and cut earlier …

    • So I gathered.

  4. i was there man, the main sound was off, and i do appriciate wot he said…Round_HOuse suck or whoever did it…

  5. beast of a track, talib is that dude.

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