Toke the Vote: Asher Roth Wants YOU to Legalize Marijuana

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Published on October 20, 2010 with 4 Comments

Put Adult Swim on mute and don’t repack that bong just yet: Asher Roth has got something to say. Roth is the latest on the bandwagon of celebrity causes, to support an issue very close to his heart, the legalization of marijuana. He has started up a website called Bongress, which asks people to support Proposition 19, the California bill looking to decriminalize marijuana, and also sells t-shirts with slogans on them like “The Repufflican” and “The Demochronic”. The site reads:

“The 2010 midterm Congressional Election will be held on Tuesday, November 2nd.
Proposition 19 also know as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 is a major proposition on this year’s ballot. Support this proposition and vote YES.


With hemp being one of the most commercially viable substances on the planet, its legality is vital. The industrial production would naturally produce everything from clothing to food. Its responsible use would reduce our country’s dependency on manufactured pharmacutical drugs. All while producing BILLIONS of dollars in tax revenue and redirecting law enforcement to more serious crime.”

As one who has smoked the leafy green, I can honestly say I don’t really have a problem with Asher Roth showing support for this cause, since it’s one I agree with as well. My problem “stems” (pardon the pun) from the fact that this does little to end the “dumb fratboy” image that has plagued Asher throughout his career.  The truth is, Asher Roth really does have some skills to him as a rapper (you don’t just make the XXL Freshman list just because you’re white), but has been unable to really show it off to the masses, since everyone dismisses him as that white guy who wrote “I Love College”.  While that song helped get his name out there, it stuck him with a label that isn’t the most beneficial to ones career. I can’t even begin to count the number of people I’ve met at school who downloaded “I Love College” the second it came out and can sing every word of it, but never gave a listen to his debut album or any of his mixtape work.

If Asher wants to gain the respect he believes he deserves as a rapper, he needs to shed the fratboy image. He’s already been making progress with this by working with big name producers like Pharrell on his sophomore album, and his latest mixtape Seared Foie Gras with Quince & Cranberry was actually a very enjoyable listen. He just needs to realize that for every time he starts up a site that sells t-shirts with corny weed puns on them, it’s another step backwards in his quest to gain recognition.

PS: If you actually DO care about the decriminalization of marijuana, head over to the official website of Proposition 19 to join the cause.

Update: Asher Roth had this to say on Twitter.



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  1. no one cares what you have to say bro.

  2. Right on, Brendan.

    Snoop did it though. And yes, I realize we’re comparing apples and plums here, but it’s not impossible.

  3. Right on, Brendan.

    Snoop did it though. And yes, I realize we’re comparing apples and plums here, but it’s not impossible.

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