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It’s not uncommon for hip-hop artists to release an album every year, and sequels to successful releases are steadily increasing in quantity too. Two albums in a series in the same year, however, might seem overbearing. While the people who picked up Curren$y’s Pilot Talk probably still have the critically acclaimed album in steady rotation it’s sequel is already upon us. This may not look like the most commercially viable move to a casual observer, but Spitta’s Michael Knight video already garnered considerable buzz and that was even before the excellent remix with Raekwon was leaked.

A possible explanation for this surprisingly high output is given on the smooth and funky Jets posse cut Flight Briefing:

“Give you insight on the situation
cause I done it twice
Done the dotted line tightrope-walk
Where the suits want results,
they don’t talk
Dozens of songs locked away
and rotting in the vault
Nothing to blame, it was solely my fault”

Whether he’s unnecessarily harsh on himself here or not is hardly the point. What matters is that he’s done following the path laid down by others since they didn’t work for him anyway. Under the tutelage of Dame Dash, the former Weezy weed carrier seems to have found his own lane, which may very well be the key to his success and the reason he’s championed by the bloggerati. Curren$y isn’t just a guy who can rap. There are tons of those, but most of them worry about what they should say and do, and on who’s beats. In short, they worry about what’s expected from them. Spitta is beyond those worries–he sounds like he does whatever feels natural to him. That, apparently, is rapping about rapping, weed, women and chilling, and sounding surprisingly fresh while doing so.

It doesn’t hurt that he spits to beautifully layered laid back beats by Ski, who puts in some tailor-made work for him, further solidifying their chemistry. The whole album sounds like talented friends jamming on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon with various musical instruments and copious amounts of weed at hand. By the time the tempo picks up a bit near the end of the album on the Pimp C dedication Highed Up the horns make it feel like a well-deserved victory lap. Labels take note, letting an artist find and be himself can actually be quite rewarding.



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