Dear Diddy…

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Published on November 19, 2010 with 3 Comments

We refuse to kick you while you’re down, because we imagine that getting dumped for the most successful, famous, and revered rap exec on the planet must be devastating. But a business man of your stature can understand. Let’s face it, anyone who signs with Bad Boy goes crazy or goes to jail. You need to pull yourself together and keep it trucking. Stop creating mediocre groups where you get to be the resident dancer. There are far less annoying ways to showcase your killer dancing skills. And, stop tweeting ridiculous things followed by “Leeegggoooo!!!!” You’re like that high school pal who just can’t get over the girl after a breakup, so we let you crash on the couch and listen to your sob stories. Our sympathy is spiraling into pity. C’mon, Sean. You practically invented the remix — no, wait, that was Pete Rock. But you had some fly ones of your own. You’re better than this. Remember your own motto: can’t stop, won’t stop.

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  1. Diddy= Hip hop’s Dracula

  2. Co-sign. Also: that pic is hilarious in this context!

  3. hahah yea agreed….the pic is perfect for this post

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