Kid Cudi Gets White Boy Wasted, Falls Face First

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Published on November 03, 2010 with 15 Comments

Kid Cudi attempts the impossible task of walking after a night of binge drinking. I wonder how many cans of Four Loko it took to get this bent. Who am I kidding? He probably ingested more than just alcohol.

Here’s Kanye on Cudi’s cocaine problem:
“Yeah he has, actually I [was] just on email with him earlier,” Kanye said of his G.O.O.D. Music artist. West went on to shower the Cleveland, Ohio native with the highest praise. “Kid Cudi is my personal favorite artist in the world right now. His music, whenever you see his performances, just his whole take on the game is just proper; unfiltered, uncensored artistry. And that’s something that me and [Jay-Z] both look up to, even when you get the commercial success you like to take everything down to an unfiltered space and that’s what he’s delivering. Like everyone has to go, his album comes out next week, everyone has to go and just listen to that. If you want to hear raw, uncut, unapologetic, ill ass melodies, everything, that’s what Kid Cudi’s thing is.”

Hear that, Cudi fans? It’s all your fault.



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  1. well, they don’t call him Mr. Rager for nothin

  2. i remember my first Four Loco too

  3. Give him some coke he should wake up in no time.

  4. Am I the only white person that noticed the racist headline?
    I an intrigued to know what the difference between white boy wasted and black boy wasted or even mulsim boy wasted is….

  5. dripped cos his pants are too tight

  6. how is kanye’s response related to cudi’s cocaine problem?

  7. Kid Cudi quits marijuana, I wonder if he’s going to quit alcohol because that’s worse imo

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