Lil’ Kim in ‘Total Recall’

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Published on November 08, 2010 with 4 Comments

“Please note: The Lil’ Kim action figure does not come with any original parts. if you or your children find yourself in the possession of the Lil’ Kim, we recommend you scrub the doll thoroughly with soap and warm water enough so we can all admit that Lil’ Kim is washed up. This message was ghostwritten for Nicki Minaj, which she denies.” – The Real
[It’s The Real]



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  1. LOL

  2. Its easy to to attack a celebrity Icon from ur keyboard, but if kim is fake, and so on, what does that make her clone? Inflatable ass, pencil sharp nose nicki must not like herself she did so many alterations……. lmao See u messy bloggers when u diss kim jus to big-up her clone everything in itself becomes a huge contradiction on ur part.. GROW UP JUS BECAUSE UR PERSONAL LIKES AND DISLIKES U NEED TO REALIZE THAT KIM REALLY DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT U, IS THAT WHY U BEEN MAD AND HATED ON HER FOR YEARS?
    GIVE IT UP ALREADY! AND IF SHE DID HAVE ISSUES PERSONALLY, HELL DON’T WE ALL? AND IT SHOWS ONES SHALLOW/INFERIOR CHARACTER TO GET JOY AND CONFIDENCE FROM SOMEONE ELSES WOES……… society is fucked when it comes to our cultur!! Seriously u kick a women while she has issues? How would u feel if the shoe were on the other foot?!

    Don’T let ur emotion and feelings of jealousy blind u from the truth (Queen Bee) she went threw the struggle lighter woman choose over her, father absent, prison did more fuckin time than Lil’wayne, but she gets disrespected in place of her clone?
    A bitch that barely resembles anything African for sure, not once has nicki shown admiration for the culture she takes from, she shouts out Trini-Asian propeganda u can say what u may about kims personal decisions but she is still breed from the Hard pain, and stress of being Black in america whereas other blacks r mainly brainwashed into cultural, skin, and genetic preferences. Your part of the problem u have nothing productive to contribute go hide in a fucking closet!

  3. Few Typos^^ but i had to get that out as quickly as possible, and never visit this shit-hole blog again!!

    Don’t disrespect the Queen bitch, ok?! She actually empowered women when u had males like biggie and T-short going in dirty style on u hoes, now ur too gud for the welfare?! I beg to differ…….. it helped you through, now keep it real!!! Kim broke through boundaries, kicked down doors for u hoes to gain some sexiness and shedded light in a simplistic wasy for under-privileged minority women to start releasing by busting hers off in his mouth (How the fuck u doing?!)!

    • My main complaint about Kim is that she hasn’t made any decent music in years. You can’t diss Nicki and not back it up with quality music.

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