Musical Cornucopia of Auditory Deliciousness: 17 New Rap Songs Reviewed

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Kanye West ft. Raekwon, KiD CuDi – “Gorgeous”
Kanye back on his sample shit spitting lines through some filter that makes his voice faintly crackle. Lyrics are mundane but the beat is cool – I’m not a big fan of Cudi in general, much less on a hook, but his voice works decently over the track – also, Raekwon’s verse is tighter than Ye’s. #goodassjobRae

Lil Wayne – “Talk That”
Beat sounds like it comes from T-Pain’s cutting room studio floor, which is annoying. Wayne continues to recycle lines, which seems fairly ridiculous considering the song is 1:39 long. Definitely not worth a listen. #gospendyourmoneyforawhile

Lloyd Banks ft. Akon – “Celebrity”
Even Christopher Lloyd can’t get away from Akon vocally urinating all over the beat while being “featured” on a song. Not surprisingly Banks’ writing is better on a throwaway track than it is on a studio album – but both lyrically and musically a throwaway track it is. #wheresYayo?

Nicki Minaj ft. Eminem – “I Feel Pretty (Romans Revenge – Alt. Version)”
I really do like Nicki’s ability to get a good up-tempo flow going and her excellent pronunciation but her lyrics seem to be written by cutting up small pieces of paper and writing words on them, then placing them all in a brown paper bag and shaking. Eminem is as average as he gets on a feature as of late and the beat is stripped down and too rough to be called a finished track. #leaveonwhilevacuuming

Groove – “In The Bag”
Beat sounds like MGMT decided to start producing music for rappers; Groove’s flow for the first half of the song take the Bryan “Birdman” Williams award for frustrating parallel structure/syntax and the rest of it is boring at best. #leaveonwhilevacuuming

Gucci Mane – “30 Days 30 Million”
Wait, wait, wait – I hear a tinny snare, some inane background noises to fill in the vacuum created by Radric’s lack of talent and a ludacris claim to being worth $30 million. Gucci, PLEASE stop making music. #okbye

The Outlawz ft. GLC – “Immortal”
Whereas I personally don’t take issue with rappers who have been in the game for a while I have to just plainly say The Outlawz shouldn’t have made this track. I’m all for them trying to revive their career but making a song reminding us of how gangster they are is going to be as effective in catching an ear as Raekwon convincing me he’s still in the streets. #stoplookingforvalidation

Emilio Rojas ft. Laura Reed and Voodoo – “Champion”
Rojas comes through with a quick flow and some well timed wordplay on an interesting and well stitched together beat. His flow on the second verse is worth pointing out – much too complex. Good listen. #rojas2012

Slim Thug ft. Dallas Blocker – “Smell Good”
I live in a world of wish. I wish Slim Thug would make more songs centering around homo sapien’s pheromone-obsessed tendencies; I wish The-Dream didn’t sound like a better fit on the beat than Thugga himself; I wish Slim Thug would also tweet less; I wish I couldn’t guess the words he was going to use before he dropped the next line. I’d be happy with one out of four. #SorryRiz #I’llcomeseeyouinHoustonifyoustopsendingmusictotheWestCoast

Alkhemi Jones – “1, 2, 3″
Okay, so you start your track with a Black Star reference, which is cool, but using the rest of the song to talk about the things you’re going to “do to the game” is about as frustrating as talking about getting a blow job. On another note, thank you for repeatedly branding yourself and making sure I get your name is pronounced “Alchemy,” the hook killed so many brain cells I forgot. #tryagain

Quincy Jones ft. B.o.B., Mohombi, Prince Charlez and T.I. – “Sanford and Son”
I’m glad to see Quincy Jones hasn’t lost the formula – he takes zeitgeist, cumin, rosemary, features from a few relevant musicians and rolls them into a delicious, easily swallowed pill of pop goodness. If you’re into that thing. The song sounds like The Disney Channel produced it for an original movie featuring some overarching motivational theme and an adorable Bieberish protagonist. #QuincyDelightJones

Joell Ortiz ft. Iffy – “Ooh”
Joell does better work when he’s penning stories from the projects and providing some commentary on the state of affairs in hip-hop than when he’s deconstructing the abstract of what “haters” are currently doing. Go back to the P’s and tell me a story, otherwise move on. #yaowa

Slick Watts – “All Day Freestyle”
Cool psychedelic beat, lyrics and flow are about par for the course. #Imborednow

Torch ft. Cassidy, Crooked I – “Get Doe”
Torch comes through with a well timed flow and holds his own on the song; Crook’s delivery is turning into his signature – noticeably uncomfortable/random first line rhymed in a couplet to start his verse off with a punch line, which devolves into pop culture punch lines affirming how hood he is. Cassidy has made a career off rhyming about thug content so in this instance he’s more like the kid who never does the reading in class so the professor doesn’t bother to look his way when chastising students for not doing their work. #fridaynighthousepartymusic

Serius Jones – “She A G”
I recently explained the concept of a “ride-or-die” chick – I now feel remiss in not explaining what I like to call the “Miss Independent” (a tip of the cap to Ne-Yo) type song. Enter Serius Jones and his ode to what can basically be summed up as a hip-hop siren. New and improved v.2 doesn’t need a man to do things like pay her bills and support her like v.1 did; she is a professional herself and understands that sometimes work takes priority over pleasure. She won’t give you grief over small things and she’s a mind-blowing lay. A few things: everyone and their mother has made a song like this, I think even Yung Berg did something of the sort. Career advice: don’t do whatever Yung Berg has done. #transformerschain

Royce Da 5’9 – “Where My Money”
Per usual, Nickle Nine starts the song off with his signature bravado and rolls it into a humorous track about getting paid. Definitely throwaway but Royce’s flow is consistently better than par and the lyrics are good for a laugh or two. #makemoreangrymusic #slaughterhouse

Cory Mo ft. Big Krit, J Bean – “Where It’s At”
Another classic example of yet another rapper decreeing many are in need of gangster maintenance (c) Bun B. #bloggermaintenance



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