Bow Wow Needs a Hug

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Published on November 06, 2010 with 4 Comments

If you’ve followed Bow Wow’s twitter page lately you may have noticed all this talk about suicide. Naturally, people are going to rip Bow Wow and talk shit about how he’s stupid rich and many would give a limb to trade places with him. But who knows what’s really going on in Shad’s head? Is he trying to drum up publicity for his music? Is he experiencing a genuine moment of vulnerability? Did he suddenly wake up to the stark realization that he is, in fact, Bow Wow? Whatever the case, know that fame and fortune don’t necessarily insulate him from suicidal thoughts. Depression knows no tax bracket.

Take a look at his recent tweets:

OK. Now that you’ve seen it, I hope you’re thinking what I’m thinking — get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. This numbnut is fast becoming notorious for crazy talk. He was also suicidal back in July because–and I’m quoting here–he was “bored with his life.”

Here’s the exact tweet:

“Man I be gettn bored wit life”….”I wish I neva did or seen err thang so soon. I have nuffn to look forward to. I’m down more than I am happy…in a dark place! goodbye.”

This is clearly Bow Wow’s go-to move whenever he wants people to pay attention.

If you’re truly fed up with your current life, you should go ahead and try working a regular 9-5 like the rest of us. What’s stopping you? Go ahead and pursue an education. He says he’d trade it all for an education and a regular job if he could. Well, guess what, Shad? It’s not too late to do that. Why don’t you get a job where you have to deal with supervisors, co-workers, and deadlines like everyone else. If that doesn’t do the trick, go ahead and do some community service, take up chess, become a tutor, join the military.

Look, I get it. Every job has its ups and downs and that includes the music business. Shit, I don’t exactly have the most lucrative gig in the world, but I get to do what I love and I’m fine with that. I’ve been writing 5+ years straight with no days off. I’ve sacrificed in more ways than you’ll ever know. But I’ve also enjoyed some amazing breakthroughs. You win some, you lose some. That’s life.

I know some people will say that money doesn’t buy happiness and Bow Wow probably has a legit reason to be depressed. Like I said at the beginning of this post, that may be true. But if you believe that money doesn’t bring joy, you’ve never been broke. Anyone who’s had to pay a mortgage or a car note will tell you that there’s no better feeling than knowing that you’re caught up on your bills.

We’re still reeling from a global recession and some folks have to decide between putting food on the table and paying rent. There’s a kid lying under a rock somewhere in Haiti unsure if he’ll live to see another day. And here we have one rich rapper bitching about his life.

Shame on you, Shad. Shame on you.



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  2. Well, I for one, appreciate your hard work Riz, more than I ever appreciated lil’ bow weezy’s.

  3. Well his PR stunt did’nt work this time he lost over 300,000 plus Twitter followers with this BS. Now he can kill himself.

    Plus he just did an interview with a blog and said he didn’t mean it and it backfired on him.

  4. in the words of chappelle, WHAT A BIGGETY BITCH! dude is trash at rapping and acting. btw riz, any word on lost tapes, part 2 by nas?

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