The Beef Report: Lil Kim & Foxy Brown vs. Nicki Minaj, Jeezy vs. Rick Ross

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Published on November 30, 2010 with 2 Comments

Welcome to The Beef Report, your one stop source for all the breaking news on rapper beefs, and the general idiocy that comes with them. Let’s examine some of the most recent beefs developing:


Kim vs Nicki


It’ll be a murder scene, I’m turnin’ Pink Friday to Friday the 13th.”
-Lil Kim, “Black Friday (diss track)”

This beef had been simmering between the two female rappers for some time now, with Kim bashing Nicki to anyone who would listen and Nicki remaining silent, but it was only in the last week coinciding with Nicki’s debut album being released that we saw the beef take center stage. Minaj finally retaliated on the track “Roman’s Revenge” with Eminem, and Kim shot back with the 6 minute diss track “Black Friday”. The interesting thing about this beef is that both sides are equally wrong. Kim is obviously wrong for starting conflict, since it just comes off looking like a past-their-prime rapper taking shots at the next generation of talent (one only needs to look at the famous case of “Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy” to understand this never really works out well). Especially with Nicki being as talked about as she currently is, on the verge of releasing her debut album while Kim hasn’t put out anything in years, Kim just looks embarrassing. Meanwhile for Nicki… I mean, she REALLY DID copy Kim’s style completely in the beginning of her career. I’ll give Nicki points for at least crediting Kim as an influence in the beginning, and then moving on to her own style (whether or not that style, wacky voices and all, is enjoyable to listen to is another story), but she should have stuck with her neutral status and this beef would’ve been forgotten; firing back, and on your debut album no less, just elevates everything.

Here’s the thing that piques my interest: Every time a new female rapper comes along, I always hear how they’re going to be the new face of female rap, and how they will usher in an era where it will be okay to be a lady and an MC, and bring unity. And what happens every time? All of the other female rappers start beefing against one another, and any chance of unity is shut down; it’s the biggest case of self sabotage I’ve ever seen. Here’s the truth: the thing that keeps female rappers down the most isn’t their male counterparts, it’s each other. So long as these petty dividing squabbles happen, there will never be a period of extended unity or reign amongst female MC’s. C’mon ladies, whatever happened to “Ladies First”?


foxy nicki


“For the record… Nicki and I never had that conversation, ever.”
Foxy Brown, via her Twitter

Maybe you didn’t just hear me Foxy; these beefs do nothing but create disorder and division  amongst all female MC’s. After Minaj said during a Hot 97 interview that it was Foxy who told her how Lil Kim was taking shots at her, Foxy took to her Twitter to clear the air and say Minaj lied. Now, I got no problem with Foxy clearing her name of any involvement in this squabble, so lets just keep it at that, okay Don Diva? Anything past there, and you’re just falling into the exact same territory Lil Kim is in. Here’s to hoping that’s the last we hear of this beef (ed. note: From all my years of beef-refereeing, I can almost guarantee that it wont be).


rick ross young jeezy


“How you Blowin’ Money Fast? You don’t know the crew. Oh, you part of the fam? Shit, I never knew.”
Jeezy, “Death B4 Dishonor”

The diss above came from Jeezy rapping over the instrumental to “B.M.F.” on a mixtape a few months back, and though it was assumed by legitimately everyone to be a swipe at Ross, the snowman assured us otherwise. Well, guess we were right all along, as Jeezy recently released a video of him strolling around Miami after a show, calling into question Rick Ross’ G status.

In the movie Thank You For Smoking, there was this really interesting part where Aaron Eckhart explains how when debating, it’s not so much that you have to prove your side right, as much as you need to show that the other side is wrong. For Ross, going in on this beef to prove his hood status would do nothing to help his case against Jeezy (especially with his spotty past). Instead, Ross can just sit back and let the facts prove Jeezy wrong; that right now, Ross is coming off his fourth album (his most successful work to date), a number of big time features, and that instrumental Jeezy used? that just so happens to be a top single on the hip-hop charts, and the undeniable street anthem of the year. Meanwhile, Jeezy hasn’t released an album in a few years, and everything he has put out failed to catch any heat. In the words of Hov, ‘it’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight’, Jeezy trying to take down Ross at their current status’ career wise. Face it- right now Ross is hot and Jeezy isn’t; that alone ensures that Ross will come out on top. It should also be noted that when asked for his response to Jeezy’s taunts, Ross said rather calmly that they should just set it all out on the table and handle it like men do; that attitude of resolving the issue makes Ross look even better when contrasted to Jeezy’s jabs. And to think, all this from the guy who made Mafia Music.

Ed note: After the last installment of The Beef Report, I (ironically) received some beef from someone who accused me of biased reporting and letting my opinion affect my writing, instead of using the article to simply state who was beefing and over what. Let me explain: The purpose of these posts is that after an explanation of the beef is given, I then give my opinion on the situation, and then choose who I believe to be the party that comes out on top. It’s the exact same way how Bill O’ Reilly will present a news story and then give his take on it (I didn’t want to compare myself to O’Reilly, but it was the best example I could think of). If you disagree with my ruling, that’s an entirely different story, and I welcome the chance to hear opinions, but please do not accuse me of poor reporting because you do not understand the nature of this segment.



Brendan is an English major at GWU in DC, and originally hails from Philadelphia. When he's not writing for The Rap Up or avoiding his homework, he's either feeding his unhealthy sneaker addiction or looking up humorous dog pictures on the internet. If you ever need him, play Aasim's "Hip-Hop 101" by moonlight and he shall appear.

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  2. Nicki started with Kim, not Kim started with Nicki. Why do people remain oblivious to this?

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