Is Charles Hamilton Dead?

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Published on December 05, 2010 with 11 Comments

Today, I received an email claiming that troubled hip-hopper Charles Hamilton is dead. If this was anyone else I’d probably snicker as I shovel the email into the trash bin. But we all know that CH has seemed isolated of late and may be in dire need of help. Dude has endured an unnecessary amount of mud-slinging in the game, some of which he probably brought on himself and some of which I just can’t explain.

Here’s the email:

We are writing to inform you that talenteD rApper Charles HamiltoN has passed away this morNing due to an overdose. Please take a moment to reflect on the tragic ending to this Young man’s life. This is not a publicity stunt.
Aimee Sullivan
Chairwoman of SEGA USA

I don’t know who’s behind this but it’s not funny. Stop it. If you hate this dude to the point where you wish him death, please come forward and I’ll gladly sponsor your psychiatric therapy.



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  1. Highly doubt it but, hey, who knows.

    • No, it doesn’t seem credible, but you’d have to hate this dude a great deal to wish death on him. Shit doesn’t make sense.

  2. not true. i smoked a blunt with him last night after his show. he is chillinnnn

  3. i am dead, reborn again as MAGNIFIED CH

  4. before I begin, charles is my favourite artist. honestly.

    I don’t think this is true, I think it’s a publicity stunt, and ‘chamilton718′ is Charles. Stop doing this shit dude, just release your music. End.

  5. For what it’s worth, the arbitrarily capitalized letters in the email spell out ‘Danny’.

  6. @exiaox i noticed that, too. don’t know what it means, though. i suspect this is a joke, although not a funny one at all. i am disgusted that someone who make fun of this dude like this. he’s a good rapper, and he’s obviously going through hard times. pray for him.

  7. The funniest is when Vinnie Paz goes at Charles Hamilton lol, can’t remember which song exactly but it was on his solo album.

  8. The funniest is when Vinnie Paz goes at Charles Hamilton lol, can’t remember which song exactly but it was on his solo album.

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