Eminem’s “Difficult” Tribute to Proof

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Published on December 30, 2010 with 28 Comments

Yet another heartfelt testament to Em and Proof’s strange bromance. “Difficult” sounds like an old, unfinished product, so I’ll bite my tongue for now. Wait, did they really call each other “doodie”? I don’t even want to know how they came up with that one.

This part is downright disturbing:

“Never thought about each other’s skin colors till one day we was walking up the block in the summer. It was 90 degrees, I was catching a sunburn. Tryin’ to walk under the trees just to give me some comfort. I’m moaning, I just wanna get home and I look over and your shirt is off and I say you’re gonna fry and you’re like, “No, I won’t. I’m black, stupid, and black people they got melatonin in the skin. We don’t burn.”



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  1. Why is that disturbing?

    • Yeah I really don;t get why you feel so negative toward this beautiful song/story

      • “Beautiful story” and “beautiful song” are not really synonymous in this case.

    • What’s not disturbing about that?

      • Riz, I think some commenters are assuming the disturbing part to be some racial thing while missing the perceived homo-erotic subtext.

  2. It’s disturbing because he doesn’t know the difference between melatonin and melanin. Goddamn.

  3. That’s not fair to insinuate that there was something between em and proof. C’mon now, he lost his best friend- I think it’s alright to express his love. And NO it is not doodie- it’s duty.

    • When em said “im the shit, why you think proof called me doodie” it made me assume it was spelled like the other word for poop.

      • no, im the shit. as in your duty to shit.

      • that’s how I thought of it. You guys may be right.

        • lmao no, it’s doodie (or doody). if you have relapse or recovery check the lyrics inside the cover art booklet. there’s also a letter in the Relapse booklet which eminem writes to proof and it says doody

  4. Sounds like he struggles to even rap some of this through the grief, thats more disturbing

    • Right on. It’s a poorly written song. Then again, there’s a reason he never released it.

      • wow man… how can you even say these things… youre horrible… the poor man is in severe pain… he lost his best friend. you need to go fuckin grow a heart.

      • youre a faggot stop talkin shit on em… his bestfriend that he hung out wit everyday died so he made him a tribute… it was like his brother dying… thats why theres so much passion… besides this is a great song that would touch anyone who lost someone close

      • fuck u douchebag its got real emotion thas wut the fuck musics about

      • fuck u douchebag its got real emotion thas wut the fuck musics about

      • fuck u douchebag its got real emotion thas wut the fuck musics about

  5. Who’s he talking about that it was a shame he went to proofs funeral and that betrayed them?

    • royce da 5’9

      • no, not royce. You have no idea what your talking about. Why would EM recently sign royce?

        • It is Royce, it’s you who doesn’t know what he’s talking about lol.

          Royce and D12 fell out and had massive beef. Royce reconciled with Proof not long before he died. Royce and Eminem didn’t make up until about a year ago.

        • haha I love the cockiness

  6. How is that disturbing? He had his shirt off while walking, it was hot outside… how is that homo-erotic at all?

    • It’s probably unintended but when a guy who is known to take loads of promo shots with his shirt off to show off his chest starts to rap about how he was surprised when his best friend suddenly stood behind him with his shirt off he’s bound to hit a couple ‘pause’ buttons.

  7. how the hell is this disturbing are u being racist and the other guy said gay way how the hell this gay ur dumbass if u think its disturbing

  8. How the hell is this disturbing? And how was their bromance strange? Really? You should be more respectful. R.I.P. Proof. We love you.

  9. U dumb fucks its dudey, like dude and homey combined. Nothin homo bout that them niggas just clowned around and made up slang and shit

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