Top 20 Cuban Linx Models of 2010

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Published on December 20, 2010 with 10 Comments

Cuban Linx is the long running link dump column here on The Rap Up. But it’s much more than a link dump. It’s a deadly combo of web beauties and hot stories. The titles are drawn from various hip-hop songs. As one reader deftly put it, “Some come for the links, others come for the ladies, I come for the titles.”

The Nation has spoken. Behold the 20 Most Popular Cuban Linx hotties of 2010.

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  1. Number 9 “Star Anis” is still my favorite of the year.

  2. #2 is my favorite. red hair in the tub? fucking win.

  3. Number 3 is all I need to make it through the day.

    When I die, I want to be reincarnated as Rizoh’s Cuban Linx related inbox.

  4. I love you, man.

  5. yeahh.. 9 is my favorite as well… the combination of the glasses and newspapers just works…

  6. number 12 OMG!!! If anyone can tell me where to find more my little man would surely appropriate it

  7. who is #10? seen her on the ‘net alot this year

  8. send me poppy seeds contacts at I love the girl.

  9. Im in love with number 13

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