5 T-Shirt Worthy Lines from Kanye’s ‘Dark Fantasy’

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Published on January 03, 2011 with 16 Comments

You may recall that we posted a shirt that was inspired by a line from Kanye’s album awhile back. We liked the Wins Low tee but we also wondered, “Uh, there’s gotta be some other ill lines from Ye’s album.” After a brief brainstorming session, we came up with a bunch of other deserving bits from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Then the TRU graphic department took it a step further and turned the lines into shirts. (Note: One of these isn’t actually on the album but you’ll recognize without a doubt.) Peep game.

[nggallery id=62]

5 Other Ideas That Missed the Cut:

  • “Young, Rich, Tasteless” [Pusha T from Runaway] (written on top of each other in red, like the GOOD Friday covers)”
  • “Proud alumni of ‘that Ghetto University'” (With some sort of phony college logo)
  • “Champagne wishes + 30 White Bitches = Fuckin’ Ridiculous”
  • “Choke a Southpark writer with a fish stick.”
  • “Have you ever had sex with a Pharoah? I put the pussy in a sarcophagus.”
    (Complete with this picture)

The ideas only go as far as our imagination can take us. So, feel free to add on.

UPDATE: We’ve received several requests for this so two of these designs (and possibly more in the future) are now available for you to buy and rock like a king of swagger. More colours and variations available here.

Kanye’s MBDTF | Got Caught With 30 Rocks (white)

Kanye’s MBDTF | Her Mother, Brother, Grandmother (white)



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There are currently 16 Comments on 5 T-Shirt Worthy Lines from Kanye’s ‘Dark Fantasy’. Perhaps you would like to add one of your own?

  1. add on, and let it be known… (c) Keith Murray

  2. Kanye, if you need any shirtdesigns to sell at a new tour, holla! ;)

  3. Yeezy taught me.

  4. Rizoh, buddy! Do me a solid. I must have that “mother, brother, grandmother” pic in a bigger size so i can use a “do it yourself” t-shirt site and make it. I tried already and its to small.

  5. ” choke a south park writer with a fish stick definately shoulda made it
    ” whats a black beetle anyway a fuckin roach ”
    ” I gotta thank yeezy ”
    ” mix that grey goose and malibu i call it malibooyah !!! ”
    “god damn yeezy what u gon do now, whatever i wanna do gosh its cool now ”
    ” i ordered ya jerk she said u r what you eat”
    ” lets have a toast for the assholes “

  6. I thought my idea was pretty good, Riz.
    The “The plan was, to drink until the pains over. But whats worse, the pain or the hang over?” with a picture of Ed Helms and the missing tooth

  7. what song is the 30 rock line from?

  8. Release me no hablo id pay for it 

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