FOX Replaces SOTU Laughter with Crickets

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Published on January 26, 2011 with 4 Comments

I usually watch FOX News for two reasons: 1) a healthy dose of bias; 2) To be entertained by jokers like the ones on Fox & Friends. This morning, as I watched them parse the State of the Union for coded communist directives, I wondered if anyone else felt like throwing a shoe at their TV.

Apparently, these numbnuts removed the audio of laughs from the President’s speech and replaced it with crickets to make him seem boring. Yes, what the president of the United States needs is better humor writers. Okay? I like that you can still hear some of the laughter through the cricket sound effects.

Watch the unedited clips below if you give a salmon’s ass.

Railroad bit

Salmon bit

[Media Matters]



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  1. malicious manipulation of reality; FOX at its finest.

  2. i hate FOX news more and more all the time. They suck and deserve to be dismantled as a news channel.

    • The term ‘news channel’ hasn’t even been applicable to them for a long time now. They’ve gone far beyond what could even be described as slanted news.

      • agreed!

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