Mood Music: The Soundtrack to Life

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Published on January 21, 2011 with 4 Comments

Psychologists have been telling us for years that music can alter moods. While they disagree on how this works, they all agree that music has the power to soothe the savage beast in us as long the music in question isn’t supplied by the Mash Out Posse.

Anyhow, this fascination with music and moods led to our latest brainstorming session at the The Rap Up. Proceed for our deliberations. Feel free to chime in with your own mood music favorites.

Jaap van der Doelen:
M.O.P. is music to dropkick old ladies through a plate glass window by
ODB makes me wanna drink down some prescription medicine with a bottle of bourbon while freestyling at my neighbour’s wedding
Old school Ice Cube makes me wanna smack a politician upside the head with a 40oz

Andrew Schweizer:
Ice Cube makes me want to ride in an Impala with a mean head bob going on.
M.O.P. does make me want to roundhouse random people and feel justified doing it
Cam’ron makes me want to wear fur and Tims until I remember I look stupid wearing fur and Tims
Brother Ali makes me want to rap
Curren$y makes me want to rap while the scent of cannabis is in the air
Snoop Dogg makes me want to vomit over the last 5 years of his catalog
Nicki Minaj makes me want to kick Bryan and Slim Williams and Dwayne Michael Carter II in the balls.
Raekwon makes me want to buy a wide body Benz
Gucci Mane makes me wonder how music ACTUALLY makes it to the radio
Evidence makes me want to wear a fitted cap and go to more shows

Ivan Rott:
Afroman makes me want to roll up my college degree into a fat blunt.
Nicki Minaj makes me want to perform seppuku.
Immortal Technique makes me want to lead a socialist revolution in a South American country.
Silkk the Shocker makes me want to electrocute people.
Method Man makes me want to stage dive into a crowd.
Eli Porter makes me want to rap.
Jay-Z makes me want to f*ck an R&B b*tch… while wearing chancletas!
Just Blaze makes me want to hear a song that samples “MMMBop” by Hanson – produced by Blaze himself, preferably. He can do it. I know he can.

Earl Sweatshirt makes me want to find Doc, jack his Delorean, travel back in time to 1-year old khal and slap the fucking shit out of my younger self.
Redman makes me want to cop an RV and find these million and 1 blunt spots.
Raekwon makes me want to start up my own street level coke distribution ring. Or study mathematics.

Asher Roth makes me want to steal kids’ scooters for joy rides, while smoking a blunt in sweatpants and a beanie my grandma crocheted.
M.O.P. makes me wan to buy 100 M.O.P. cd’s…at gunpoint
Joe Budden and Kid Cudi make me want to go to therapy

Kid Cudi makes me want to slit my wrist.
M.O.P. makes me want to stomp hamsters.
RZA makes me want to join a chess club
Brother Ali makes me wanna go to church and bumrush the soapbox while yelling godddamn!



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  1. LMAO. funniest post ever on therapup. i especially loved the comments on M.O.P. also, i’d love to hear that mmbop sample by just blaze. if he could pull it off it’d be dope.

  2. I believe that the consensus is, listening to M.O.P. makes you want to commit an act of battery/assault preceded by “BACK UP, MOTHERFUCKER!!!”

  3. And ending with “NOW WHAT NIGGA, HOLD DAT!” XD

  4. Dope post. Here’s a few artist I didn’t see on the list. Wonder what kind of mood they put people in.

    – Mystical
    – P. Diddy
    – Eminem
    – Lupe Fiasco

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