Rudy Gay Is the Most Interesting Man in the NBA

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Published on January 14, 2011 with 11 Comments

Is Rudy Gay on your 2011 All-Star ballot? No? Well, this video will make you reconsider. It makes sense that Gay is begging for votes, seeing as the West is loaded with great forwards. Seriously, is anyone outside of Memphis even considering voting for Gay over Durant and Melo?



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  1. hehehe xD

  2. LMAO. what a doucher.

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  3. I’m voting for Rudy 3rd or 4th straight year. Besides being a really good ball handler and shooter (yeah! now I know better bout he’s defence too), he seems to be a very pleasant guy with good on and off court attitude. I am from Latvia, tho…and I am female, tho

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